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Very conveniently while you're briefly on the subject of next year's noses, I've just come across this. What would've been Marrusia's car design for 2015, only in wind tunnel form. 


The nose still has a bit of a wart on the end of it, but no doubt much better looking than the 2014 car. Other than that and some small blisters on the top of the car from the front suspension pushrods, it's predictably very similar. 

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VetteIfan said:
It's an Italian newspaper, so as always take with a pinch of salt, but the front page of Italian Gazzeta is reporting this morning that Vettel has gone faster in the Ferrari simulator than Alonso. 
Yeah , his first time driving a non-red bull in 6 years and he's two seconds faster than the guy who many claim as the best driver in F1 at the current time ? Yeah right.

Italian newspapers are probably bitter Alonso left and are now going to make out as if  Vettel is so much better than him. I think I'll take it with a handful of salt thank you very much. I'd the top 5 drivers in F1 are all within a couple of tenths of each other over the course of a lap. If they were going to lie , they could have at least made it believable.

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