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The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

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Formula 1 coverage in Australia will be dead soon with Channel 10 (FTA) doing a deal with Foxtel to share the coverage from Melbourne onwards. Channel 10 will only get 10 lives races while Foxtel will have 20 live races, the rest of the races on channel 10 will be shown in a one hour highlights shown the Monday after the race.

Pretty annoyed to be honest i'll watch Melbourne but don't know if i will watch anymore races after that.

Daily Telegraph 
I'll watch Melbourne.. and maybe a couple of the other free races but I won't be paying $600 a year to watch F1. F1 has been pretty smart building the viewership on FTA and I guess now is when they want to cash in on all those viewers. I would rather put that $50 a month to better internet and then I will just have to find streams for the stuff I actually want to watch.
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We made an appointment with the foxtel people to set up foxtel in our place 2 days before they announced the news that F1 was moving from free TV.  The only reason we were getting it though was for the Cricket World Cup and the V8's...so I suppose in a way it's a bit of a bonus. 
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So drivers will be banned from changing their helmet design mid season now! Of all the apparent problems they could try and fix in F1, and they choose that... Yet another perfect example of F1 fixing a problem that never existed.
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