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Deadzone & Speed Sensitivity issue

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My CSW is broken however looking in the CSW xml file I also see this as an issue. I am using a x Box one elite gpad and lets just say deadzone = 0 is not 0. Furthermore there is no speed sensitivity option therefore going down the straight at higher speeds you can vigorously toggle the steering left & right & nothing happens at all. This makes it very difficult to correct a bad corner exit or navigate high speed direction changes such as COTA. I like driving with precise inputs for full control and feel and you just can not achieve this with the deadzone & particularly the no speed sensitivity option being the way it is. No other racing tittle I own does this. Please consider a patch for users that like full control and feel. If you test AC/ACC/PC1&2 they all have a Speed Sensitivity option.. Its a must!

Platform: PC-Steam Windows 10 1803-64bit

Game Version: 1.15

Input: xbox one elite

dx Version: 12

PC: i7 3930k, 1080ti


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