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xbox one

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If you have only had the game for 2 weeks, then you wont know what the issues were.  

Next time they bring a game out, go and buy it on its release day.  

Then you will understand the codemaster issues.  

The game has been playable for about 2 weeks,  so looks like you got lucky and bought it just as they fixed the game.  Had you had it for 3 or 4 weeks, you would have had 2 whole weeks of crashing and freezing.  

I think we would all like a new game, on a new console,  but most of us, would like it to work, when we buy it

Personally I dont like buying racing games 6 months into there life,   I like to have the game from day 1,  that way, chances are everyone is as much as a noob on the game as me.  :smile: 

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@spackmanstephen There were a plethora of problems at the launch of GAS and consoles arguably got the short end of the stick. The PC version has had the quickest, best support compared to the other platforms, but I honestly haven't had a game breaking problem since I got it at launch (I preordered it). I guess I have been more fortunate than others, but the people that have had problems are justified in their complaints, though I feel as if the complaints have been a little too persistent.

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