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2021 FIA World Rallycross Championship

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6 minutes ago, PJTierney said:

What was the STARD car like on-track?

Very quick in the right hands.

I wasn't too sure about it in the morning, as a lot of the drivers were either press or non-rallycross (Matt Neal was one of the first out on track). Most of them were only getting three or four laps in the car, so they were (understandably) pretty tentative initially and only really got decent speed on the last lap. 

Manfred Stohl took the car out before lunchtime and that is when it got a lot more interesting to watch. I had the impression (from both Projekt E TV coverage and the morning viewing) that car was a bit stiff to drive. Stohl was obviously a lot more comfortable in it and understood how to effectively use the power. The car looked as fluid in his hands as any petrol Supercar I have seen and he was doing some beautiful exits from North Bend: sliding, on the power and laying down black lines...


They did some launch comparisons with Andy Scott (I think Chris Hoy was driving the STARD for that) and both cars were neck-and-neck up to turn one. Makes me think that mixing electric with the petrol Supercars might actually prove pretty interesting. Sadly I didn't see any lap timing for the day, as I would like to see how electric compared with petrol on a full lap...

...especially as one of the last drivers out on the day was Liam Doran. Apparently it was his first time in an electric car but, in standard Liam style, he trundled out of the paddock and then just sent it. It wasn't the most sideways I have seen him coming into Paddock, but he was immediately drifting the Fiesta and I actually thought it looked a bit more manic than a petrol Supercar on the limit (I guess the power delivery is a bit more snappy). 

The sound was - predictably I guess - the only real negative. Modern Supercars typically aren't that loud, but I bloody love the crackle of ALS and that was of course absent. That said, there was quite a lot of screeching tyres and the whine of electric wasn't as irritating as I thought it was going to be. I can't see me loving an electric Supercar as much as I do the petrol equivalent, but I think the racing could still be spectacular with a field full of these. 

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33 minutes ago, PJTierney said:

Also, I think the 81 was Andrew Coley 🙂 


Was hard to tell: drivers seemed to be moving between the buggies throughout the day!

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30 minutes ago, tbtstt said:

Revised 2021 calendar now up:


No Norway, season now ends in Portugal.

Aw Hell, no 😞 




Also, with the Monster branding gone WRX is looking a little more sterile/corporate. That shouldn't come across in the racing but let's see how things play out. I kind of miss the wild green from before.

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