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Rallycross: (World RX, Nitro RX & More)


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Maybe Liam gets a different position in the team? They still have a third Megane, so it could also be for an ERX or ARX/NRX programm.\

For me, Marklund looked stronger and more consistent in the Megane to me than what Doran did. Next to that I think Doran couldn't bring together a budget for an WRX season. 

I actually was expecting Bakkerud to join GCK. Will he than return with EKS, or with ES (Ekstrom reacted on the ES socials that Bakkerud is fast) or with his own team?

So far the entries not looking bad and it could be an exciting season. Still possible plenty of entries could be added (2nd EKS Audi, Bakkerud with own team, ES with two Skoda, Loeb Racing, Hansen family). So it could still be easily a 14-16 full season entry with some extra guest entries for each round. WRX got a beat, but aint dead yet.

So far I can't say who will be a favorite for the season and that makes me exciting. Szabo got one of the fastest 2018 cars, but it aint updated, Bennett got a full season of experience and an updated Mini, Baumanis has been solid last year and should have a quicker Fiesta now, GRX got probably with Grönholm a strong driver in an updated i20, GCK have quick cars and talented drivers (but maybe the faster drivers are in the slower Clio?), and Scheider has shown speed but I will be interested if the Ibiza has it as well. That it will be unsure how quick the ES Skodas will be and if the brothers Hansen return in the Peugeot, they will be strong, but the car probably had no updates yet. 

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13 minutes ago, JorritVD said:

Maybe Liam gets a different position in the team? They still have a third Megane, so it could also be for an ERX or ARX/NRX programm.

I don't know if they do. The third car written off last year, with Prodrive out of the picture now I don't know if that third car will be resurrected. I don't like Marklund, he is a brat off and on the track, but I guess he has the money so he has the drive. 

It could be an unpredictable season though and that's what I think is most critical. 

Favourites for me so far have to be Szabo and Gronholm. Bakkerud could shake things up if he has a drive though and I am very curious to see how the ES Motorsport Skoda performs. They have done a lot of testing with that car, it should be good! 

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18 minutes ago, Myrvold said:

6 to 10. However, if this was the good news that IMG mentioned regarding an announcement of entries. I am not that convinced.

I believe this takes it from 8 to 12.

I think the full entry list will drop tomorrow. 

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Well, that is kinda a suprise from ES after testing with Bakkerud, Abbring, Al-Attiyah announcing Rokas Baciuska.

Though Rokas was mighty impressive in S1600 in its first full season and will sure be someone te reckon with. I believe he only did 8 s1600 ERX events so far. 

World RX entry list should be up today

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Full season entries (13x)
Audi S1 - EKS - Krisztián Szabó
MINI Cooper - Xite Racing - Oliver Bennett
Ford Fiesta MK8 - STARD - Jānis Baumanis
Hyundai i20 - GRX Taneco Team - Timur Timerzyanov
Hyundai i20 - GRX Taneco Team - Niclas Grönholm
Peugeot 208 WRX - Team Hansen MJP - Timmy Hansen
Peugeot 208 WRX - Team Hansen MJP - Kevin Hansen
Renault Mégane RS RX - GC Kompetition - Guerlain Chicherit
Renault Mégane RS RX - GC Kompetition - Anton Marklund
Renault Clio R.S - GCK Academy - Guillaume De Ridder
Renault Clio R.S - GCK Academy - Cyril Raymond
SEAT Ibiza - Münnich Motorsport - Timo Scheider
Škoda Fabia - ES Motorsport - Rokas Baciuška

Part time entries (4x)
Ford Fiesta MK8 - STARD - Pål Try
Hyundai i20 - GRX Taneco Team - Reinis Nitišs
SEAT Ibiza - Münnich Motorsport - René Münnich
Škoda Fabia - ES Motorsport - Kevin Abbring

Still waiting for an announcement than of possible Doran (Prodrive), Bakkerud, maybe some more suprises. Not want to say much, but 2018 season also had about 13 full season drivers, plus an extra full season entry if you cound the 2nd car of GCK was always there, so 14 full season entries. With the possible Doran/Bakkerud RX cartel entry, the full season entry in 2019 is actually higher. With the domination of the factory VW, Peugeot and Audi teams gone, this will be one epic season imo.

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21 minutes ago, RallyDriven said:

Also anyone know what this is about? The date is for Yas Marina


I was thinking new team when the news broke last night (I actually suggested a Doran/Bakkerud team on Facebook, funny to see that people are quoting that!), but I think this may just be a reference to the Abu Dhabi round being run at night.

Hopefully it's a sign we are getting another team though, Monster will surely want to put their logo somewhere with PSRXVW out of the picture, so another team would make sense. 

I see Hansen have confirmed their (two car) entry into the 2019 Championship, very interesting to see that they have partnered with Max Pucher. 

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Yeah, great entry list. It is a strong solid unpredictable entry list. More full time entries than 2018. Based on 2018 the Audi S1 and the Pug 208 are the cars to beat. But I think they are also the only ones which were not really updated in the off-season.

here the correct one btw


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Yeah, missing Estering. It is kinda my home track. I'm thinking which track I should choose for my second visit at an WRX event. Logically would be Spa, as that will be the closest now to my home. But maybe I will combine something with a holiday. 


I also wonder what tactics Codemasters and World RX have with possible RX DLC. Looks like an ARX DLC will come, the remaining 4 2018 RX tracks will come. Maybe an 2019 WRX DLC with Abu Dhabi and Spa?

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