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Rallycross: (World RX, Nitro RX & More)


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17 hours ago, JorritVD said:

Hmm, PJT avoided my question if the team have any more plans for RX besides the already announced RX DLC.....
Do I need to see something positive or negative in it?

if there are, they can't tell you.

if there aren't, they're not going to tell you until the time comes when they could tell you the plans, if there were any plans.



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1 hour ago, mats27 said:

Very expensive...

Kreisel World RX kit
It is basically 400k, which is a lot of money. But if I understand well it is for 4 seasons.
So that would mean it costs 100k a season. A Supercar chassis isn't that very expensive (as the driveline is the most expensive part of a RX car).
So yes, I can understand the package is cheaper than an ICE package especially if compare to EKS engines. 

Although there is quite an investment and risk involvement at this area. 
As you suppose to invest for four years. But will this concept survive for four years?
If the concept only lasts two years, than the costs go up to 200k a season.
Also do you need to invest immediately 400k? or can that be spread out over four seasons?
Does only the driver/team take the risk or does the organisation/supplier also take risks?

it sure sounds like a lot of money, but I remember that the TC1 WTCC cars engine lease deals were up to 250k a year. 

Junior eRX arrive and drive
150k and than without testing it seems? But it could maybe be more attractive to sponsors who normally not would be in RX.
But for that 150k you could also maybe do two full seasons of super 1600, including testing, some local s1600 rounds and damages.

30k per event for Junior eRX program
10k per event for Super 1600 (maybe up to 20k at Volland with the Audi)

Titans RX
Just as an example. Titans RX costs 15k a round, including damage. 

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Personally I don't think it will last, viewership will likely decrease from what I'm seeing on social media, event spectators will probably be affected too and sponsors will be even less likely to participate as a result of low viewership, factory supported teams will only exist as a marketing ploy making the whole thing a corporate love-in, you'll end up with pay drivers who care more about image than racecraft, the list of possible downsides goes on.

Honestly I really think this move could kill the sport, a support series of electric vehicles is ok but that support series concept and those cars should have been developed into a separate series, not a WorldRX replacement.

Hell, we haven't even bloody seen the car in a racing situation yet and they've gone all in with four (four!!!!) seasons!? Crazy.

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Skimmed through the ARX coverage last night, that circuit definitely put the "rally" into rallycross. 

Very interested to learn more about the S1 EKS are taking to Rally Legend. It certainly looks like a "proper" rallycross car, be interesting to see how it fairs over any sort of distance. 

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Not World Rallycross - actually the other end of the budget spectrum - but I went to Lydden for the BTRDA round at the end of last month. Almost 100 cars entered of all shapes and sizes...






...I was torn between the Chevette and Volvo as my favourite car of the day!

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52 minutes ago, mats27 said:

This year at Lydden, when it hit the blocks into turn 1 I believe. Big mess!

Ah yeah, that was when he collected half the body work from the quattro on his way round!

One of the mechanics for the team posts on another forum I'm on, the damage wasn't as bad as expected (new front upright, new suspension, new wishbones, new bonnet, new bumper, new radiator and some repairs to the tub): still pretty expensive work though! 

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