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Rallycross: (World RX, Nitro RX & More)

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hmm, so they're putting the Clios in EuroRX. probably a good idea. they were not competitive at all at the world level.

seems to me like Raymond didn't want to be bumped down too, so he decided he was better off trying to find a seat elsewhere. I am a bit doubtful that'll work, but we'll see.

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19 minutes ago, ianism said:

hmm, so they're putting the Clios in EuroRX. probably a good idea. they were not competitive at all at the world level.

It did have a few moments - when it wasn't broken - when it wasn't a million miles off the pace. Raymond actually set a top three time at Silverstone. I don't think the Clio is ever going to be at the same level as the Megane though. 

I hope Raymond finds a seat elsewhere, I think he'll be a serious contender in the right car. Would like to see him replace Szabo in the EKS S1: I was disappointed with his season last year. 

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You need serious budget for an EKS Audi. About 50k Euro an event. Szabo was a bit tight on budget I heard and therefore took less risk. 

i don’t know if Raymond has own budget to compete a full season of WRX. Maybe a bigger chance for him at ES with the Fabia, or maybe in a All-Inkl supported SEAT. 

no news about De Ridder yet. But GCK has three Clio as far as I know. 

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Oh yeah, I bet those Audis aren't cheap! It's a shame if Szabo was having to hold back as he had incredible pace of his maiden outing in the car at Loheac. Raymond in a Fabia or Ibiza is a good shout, both of those seemed pretty solid cars last year. 

Just saw your post about Marton as well: the Volland invasion of Super 1600 begins again!

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40 minutes ago, PJTierney said:

How do team announcements typically happen for RX?

Is there a "reveal season" like F1 has across a week of February or do they just post whenever?

It is really diverse. It is more like most teams did now. Just official press releases on (social) media. 

F1 is a bit different, because it is know  already who drive. With Rallycross everyone is busy to get their budget together and depending on that what they will/can do.

but I must say that I would have expected some announcements from WRX teams already.

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4 minutes ago, JorritVD said:

but I must say that I would have expected some announcements from WRX teams already.

Yeah. There were a few late reveals last year, but we had some confirmed teams by this point. 

Seems like a strong season for Euros, but Worlds seems less certain at this point. 

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43 minutes ago, PJTierney said:

What we could do with is a surprise SUBARU reveal 😉 

I have been told that it isn't possible for SUBARU to run in World RX without a regulation change, and that is unlikely to occur for the 2020 season, but never say never! 

Think it is more likely SUBARU will be involved with an expanded NRX program. 

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1 hour ago, PJTierney said:

Since ARX is dead, are teams likely to all move over to Nitro?

Don't see them having much choice at the moment! As @JorritVD says there are rumours of a three round series. I would say that it might struggle to get interest with just SUBARU and Loenbro, but OMSE returning to the US could make things interesting. 

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Cerny i already posted here, but Steinsholt not yet. I believe Steinsholt races with a Skoda, that has been build here in the Netherlands by OTS (the team i still try to race for, if i get any budget) and Zomer motorsport.

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Geen fotobeschrijving beschikbaar.


I am interested what RX will be in NA this year.

As far as I know Loenbro has 3 M-Sport Fiesta, 1 OMSE Fiesta (pre-facelift if I am correct) and a couple of RX2. Next to that they have two Focus chassis, but all that technology went into two of the three M-Sport Fiesta.


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So the list of ERX Supercars entries so far:
- B.P. Gunderson - JC Raceteknik - Audi S1 (EKS)
- T. Karai - Karai Motorsport - Audi S1 (EKS/Karai)
- K. Abbring - GCK - Renault Clio R.S. RX (GCK)
- P. Maloigne - GCK - Renault Clio R.S. RX (GCK)
- A. Carlsson - ACRX - Renault Clio (ACRX)

- S. Evjen - Kristofferson Motorsport - VW Polo (KMS)
- P. Gehrman - PHMS - VW Polo (KMS)
- M. Barbosa - MBRX - Citroën DS3 (LDM)

What i at least expect more:
- Paulius Pleskovas - Pleskovas Motorsport - Ford Fiesta MK7
- A. Dubourg - DA Racing - Peugeot 208 WRX
- J.D. Dubourg - DA Racing - Peugeot 208 WRX
- T. Bryntesson - TBRX - VW Polo (Marklund)
- R. Munnich - All-Inkl.com Racing - SEAT Ibiza (Munnich)
- M. August - All-Inkl.com Racing - SEAT Ibiza (Munnich)
- A. Mozer - Nyirád Motorsport - Peugeot 208
- A. Fucik - KRTZ Motorsport - VW Polo (KMS)

- Barbosa confirmed his entry on his facebook page
- Pleskovas showed an updated Fiest on his facebook page with STARD RXS EVO 4 bodywork.


image.png.52676aa4e599d38273220c6d028c644b.png image.png.905f563d49fd61df5040a3c37421c6ff.png

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Another POLO (Marklund) joining Euro RX:



Also its possible the All-Inkl SEAT's don't return to Euro RX, as All-Inkl teams up with Titans-RX for an Supercar cup support series.

It could be attractive when being an amateur with an Supercar with a small budget. But otherwise Euro RX is more attractive for live streaming. 

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1 hour ago, PJTierney said:

Not sure if PSRX had a "special version" since they were factory-backed

PSRXVW Polos had a few significant differences when compared to the other Polo Supercars out there: most obvious one being the cooling package all being located up front. 

The Svardal Polo is the ex-Marklund car that Rustad tried to drive through the barriers at Silverstone. 


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1 hour ago, PJTierney said:

Is it just the 2018 Polo with regulation changes? (Not sure if PSRX had a "special version" since they were factory-backed)


No, it is the original Marklund build POLO which already was in DiRT Rally 1 and DiRT 4 which i have stalked you with a lot of times to bring it back to DiRT Rally 2.0 together with the DS3 and M-Sport Focus RS RX.

Solbergs version are/were ex-WRC cars.

There are basically three different build VW POLO SUPERCARS.
- Marklund Polo (DiRT Rally 1 and DiRT 4)
- Kristofferson Polo
- Solberg Polo (DiRT Rally 2.0)

To keep it simple, the Solberg Polo is a WRC factory build car, adjusted so it fits with the Supercar regulations, and equipped with an VW developed engine.
The Kristofferson and Marklund Polo are quite similar. They are privately build and developed build Polo with a Trollspeed developed engine.

Although the POLO's carry the same name and have core of the chassis, the Solberg and the privateer Polo are complete different cars.


Marklund Polo (traditional privateer car)
- Privately developed chassis
- Trollspeed engine
- Traditional "developed" aero
- Rear cooling package

VW/Solberg Polo (factory wrc car)
- WRC developed chassis
- VW developed engine
- WRC developed aero (with windtunnel)
- Front cooling package

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SET Promotion (team also runs the Gronholm RX program) returns to ERX Super 1600 with a Twingo (the car I would also like to start with in the Dutch/Belgium championship)

RX Academy Champion Tuominen to race in Euro RX Super1600 with SET Promotion


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