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Rallycross: (World RX, Nitro RX & More)

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Just now, JorritVD said:

I don't think Johan will be able to be as dominant again as it seems to be an older car, with less engineers and things from VW. But it could be a titanic battle with Gronholm, Hansens, Larsson, Bakkerud, Johan and possible more.

Fully agree. The field were close in 2018 and the others have had another year to develop their cars so, even if it is a PSRXVW car, it should be close. 

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5 hours ago, James McAdam said:

image.png.c2ad673995d43c0186a6236d7942524b.png  VS  imagesource.php?image=14241.jpg

damn, all your interesting pics are gone haha!

aha! so that's where the other Meganes went! very interested to see what Bakkerud and Doran will be able to do with them. Marklund and Bakiuscka was able to pull out some decent results here and there last year.

I'd love to see the OMSE guys come back, but my hopes aren't high...

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I had read a comment a while ago that said there were just sixteen permanent spots this year (though I can't seem to find it again now). If that is the case it only leaves two permanent spots and we haven't heard anything from OMSE, STARD, ES Motorsport or Oliver Bennett yet. 

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So I have been told that the car in the Kristoffersson pictures is show car (fairly confident about the source of that information) hence why it seems a bit of a mash up of parts. There is a video interview doing the rounds where Johan states he "will be running the same car I used in 2017 and 2018", but he has told other news outlets that it is an all new KMS build...

...I personally think it is a PSRXVW car, but VW Motorsport don't want to say that outright.

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Pantera RX6 gets a facelift for the 2020 season...


...still not as attractive looking as a decent Supercar (in my eyes), but I think replacing that GT style spoiler makes it look a lot better. 

Unfortunately I see that Titans RX has altered its calendar in view of Covid-19: early round(s) will be postponed until later in the year and Titans won't visit Canada until 2021 now. 

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no surprise there, to be honest. I suspect the same might happen to Montalegre and Spa, but we'll see how this plays out.

with all the sports that are being called off (I watch a lot of stuff... xc skiing, rx, ice hockey, basketball, road cycling, rugby, north american football...) I have more time to play DR2 and watch stuff I've been wanting to catch up on.... so I've now watched two Robin Hood movies in the last 18 hours: the 1938 one and the 1991 one with Kevin Costner not even bothering with a british accent 😛

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Good to see Ide recovered well, and will be a full-time entrant for ERX with JC.

So for now ERX Supercars seems to be like this (12x):

- B.P. Gunderson - JC Raceteknik - Audi S1 (EKS)
- E. Ide - JC Raceteknik - Audi S1 (EKS)

- T. Karai - Karai Motorsport - Audi S1 (EKS/Karai)
- M. Barbosa - MBRX - Citroën DS3 (LDM)

- T. Daarbak - Troels Daarbak - Ford Fiesta (MK7 - MDK)
- U. Linnemann - Linnemann Motorsport - Ford Fiesta (MK7 - STARD)

- K. Abbring - GCK - Renault Clio R.S. RX (GCK)
- P. Maloigne - GCK - Renault Clio R.S. RX (GCK)
- A. Carlsson - ACRX - Renault Clio (ACRX)
- S. Evjen - Kristofferson Motorsport - VW Polo (KMS)
- P. Gehrman - PHMS - VW Polo (KMS)
 -S. Svardal - Team Svardal - VW Polo (Marklund)

Still expecting a few more...


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1 hour ago, PJTierney said:

ERX cars are same spec as World RX, right?

I know they are in-game as it's just a livery swap.

I think you mean "same technical regulations".

Technically the regulations are the same: FIA RX Supercars. RX Nordic and most of the other national series also uses the same technical regulations. The "spec" of a car depends on the builder.

- It can be though there are some adjusted tech regs, to lower for example costs or allow older homologated cars to enter. For example in RX Nordic, it is not allowed to have the cooling package in the front, like the Munnich Ibiza and Solberg Polo have. In ERX and WRX it is allowed. 

- It actually doesn't mean you will see some of the WRX cars in ERX, for example like the factory VW Polo cars from Solberg and Kristofferson. One side that has to do with VW not allowing privateers to race with the car, and secondly I think most of the privateers don't have the budget to run those factory Polo cars, so they go with privately (sometime factory supported) Marklund and KMS developed Polos. 

> So in the case of the Marklund/KMS and factory Polo. They are build within the same technical regulations (FIA RX Supercars), but not same spec (because build by different teams).
> In case of the Audi's, JC Raceteknik now has the 2018 and 2017 spec cars from EKS. 2018 has the cooling intakes on top and in the windows, while the 2017 spec cars have the cooling entrants on the traditional location. Also there is a difference in the rear wing between the 2017 and 2018 spec cars. So same builder (EKS), but still in different specs. 

So no it is not always just a livery swap.
- ERX and WRX have same technical regulation for Supercars, but...
- Some WRX cars will never be in ERX or other national series.
- Cars are build by different teams, and therefore also different specs. 

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The basic build specifications are stated in Appendix J @PJTierney, so Euro and World cars are all built in compliance with the same document. 

World cars must also comply with an additional set of regulations. The only significant build difference I can recall is the permitted engine management (World cars must use homologated ECU/software).  

As @JorritVD says, most national series all adhere to the same rule set, so most* cars can compete everywhere in Europe.

* Can't remember the specifics, but I am sure that RallyX Nordic have (or at least had) a caveat in their rules about Supercars with cooling mounted upfront. 

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