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Rallycross: (World RX, Nitro RX & More)

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🤔 https://dirtfish.com/rallycross/world-rx/why-wrc-and-world-rx-may-have-a-shared-future/



Timmy Hansen


“It’s an idea I introduced last year, to have World Rallycross – to have this big final in Spa-Francorchamps in the same weekend, to have two disciplines at one level joining for one event,” he said.

The futures of both the WRC and World RX could be tied even closer from next year if speculation that WRC Promoter is about to take over the rights to World RX is to be believed.

World RX lost its promoter when IMG walked out at the end of last season, just seven years into a 20-year term. The FIA launched a tender process to replace IMG and sources say WRC Promoter is closing on that deal.

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I am happy to see that the WRC guys have it. Not happy to see the electric things. But at least, we should be able to see our favorites drivers and cars one more year. 🙂


Now, please, Codemasters, find an arrangement with the new promoter to carry on to have the WRX licence in your future titles. Please, I am begging you. 🙂

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2 hours ago, PJTierney said:

No Abu Dhabi or South Africa too 🤔

I am less fussed about Abu Dhabi, but I quite like the South African track. 

Not a bad selection of circuits though, enough to make a decent season in my personal opinion. 

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Enzo Ide confirms a full season in WRX...


...so at least there will be one car on the grid! :classic_laugh:

There was a media day held at Lydden last week for the forthcoming 5 Nations Championship (and also a bit of pre-season testing). Mixture of old and new cars plus *awaits drama* the STARD Fiesta ERX.

The Fiesta was out throughout the day with various BTCC and rallycross drivers giving it a go. I still can't see an electric car having the same emotional impact as a petrol car, but there is no doubt that they are quick in the right hands. Car looked way more stable in person that I thought it did on TV (though I appreciate that a lot more refinement has likely happened since the debut of the car last year). 

I - perhaps controversially - hope that someone manages to get the budget to run one in the UK this year, as I think petrol vs. electric could be pretty interesting. 

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1 hour ago, PJTierney said:

Have they scrapped the Petrol v Electric plans for the Supercars?

I am honestly not sure what the latest version of the plan is! WRC Promoter have a lot to sort and I suspect that item might be a bit further down the agenda...

...5 Nations have opened the Supercar car up to electric cars this year. Natalie Barrett and Chris Hoy are both looking to run electric cars for the full season (if they can get the budget). Personally think that a mixed top class is - and always should have been the way - to introduce electric. Fans can get used to it and, as the cars get quicker, the top teams will naturally adopt the fastest car and switch over. 

Liam (Doran) took the Fiesta ERX out for a couple of laps and absolutely drove the arse off it. Slightly reassured me that they can be spectacular!

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Without the banging of the engines which you can feel in your body (on decent rx circuits not on the F1 ones were you as spectator are miles away from the action) it is rx without a sole.

My conclusion, after being around on 10-15 races a year since 1973 is to stay at home.

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as i mentioned somewhere before, we cant give a good opinion about it till we saw a full event of elextric cars against each other with good drivers like Ekstrom, Kristofferson, Hansens, Gronholm, Bakkerud, Doran, etc. After that there can be a good verdict if its good or not.


Scheider confirmed he is back with the All-Inkl SEAT in World RX


World RX new logo. More info should come this week. IMG/Monster out, WRC/Red Bull in

Kan een afbeelding zijn van tekst

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