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real voice commands to engineer?

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Do you ever think we will ever see this in F1 21xx? AC had a nice addon which worked well. You could ask questions to your engineer rather than scrolling through voice command menus at 350 kph. It also helps alot if your wheel/gpad has limited buttons etc..

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Voice commands have been in the F1 games since 2015.

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Excellent! Ive been away from CM for a while now. Do you know if there is a list of commands and how they work?


I found this list however it has no ERS management and I am not sure all are applicable. Ive seen people on YT doing ERS and fuel mix voice commands.


How does he do this for ERS. Doesn't work for me... Or is he using voice attack addon app?



box this lap
full race update
driver in front
driver behind
who am i racing
tyre status
vehicle condition
weather report
fuel information
pit stop information
set hard tyres
set medium tyres
set soft tyres
set super soft tyres
set ultra soft tyres
set intermediates
set full wets
adjust wing up
set wing balance
change wing down
team mate status
rival status
fastest lap overall
best lap update
last lap time
championship standings
engineer quiet
engineer talk
engineer repeat
fewer updates
more updates
shut up jeff
leave me alone

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Its ok voice-attack app works great. I do not follow how the user on the YT link does it as he skips ERS modes in one command however by dooing so he always has to return to ERS=0 as a starting point for his macro recording. I just say "ERS Up" or "ERS Down".

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