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Well, this is another unusual piece: matt black / gloss white (with chromed bunnies) Playboy livery used by Estonian driver Egon Kaur in 2011 ADAC Rallye Deutschland. The original car was 6th gen Fiesta but it fits 7th gen quite well.

Unfortunately, game developers like to use single textures for both left and right side of the car very much. I've managed to overcome this restriction on rear windows but small badges on the front quarter windows are 'm-sport' on the left and 'trops-m' on the right, it's not a bug - it's a feature.






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This Ford Fiesta R5 livery was designed exclusively by us at SRD - Sim's Racing Design for the RAF Rally Team who are working on a great project connecting sim rallying with real life rallying..

However I couldn't resist showing off this beauty as I can't keep my eyes off it myself, to be honest...

The sound of the jet fighter flying past (on the bonnet) shatters the livery as if it were made of glass.

Image may contain: car, outdoor and natureImage may contain: car and outdoorImage may contain: car and outdoor

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Guys, I've also posted this on the discord channel, however, I've posted here as well.


I've done a C3 for the game, but appears to bright in game. I remembered that in DR1 we use to modify the specoc or something like that. It is the same in DR2.0? How can I put less brightness in the car?



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Yep. but that's only a question of time... :classic_smile:
CM should change their policy before people start to play with NEFS and let them use .PSSG by the same way as they used to instead

The only way to persuade is start to making eye catching custom liveries for DLC cars 😉

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