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Would still be nice if we could apply liveries to DLC cars. Is there still no likelihood of this happening towards the end of life cycle. There can't be that much more planned after 1.16, If there could be an update that unlocked everything as a final act I'm sure it would make a few people happy.

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On 8/27/2020 at 11:32 AM, Random JDM Guy said:

Since this day, livery got deleted for breaking copyright. Even tho I've got permissions from Jan Černý, I've got told by irl designer of this design to delete it, or he'll file a criminal complaint against me for copyright infringement. I think that this means end of downloadable liveries from me. Sorry guys, but I have my own life and I don't have time to run around the courts somewhere and I don't have the money for possible compensation either (God forbid they would push me right behind bars). 

 It has been a nice time and I hope that irl designer is proud of his job.

Okay, maybe it is time for a little comeback 🙂 Will there still be room for me on the RaceDepartment? 

2020-10-18 (27).png

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SRD - Sim's Racing Design created a custom livery for the Ford Fiesta R5 Mk.II hoping that SRD_FlatOut (me) would be allowed to premiere it at the Dirt World Series Quarter Finals on the 31st October.
Unfortunately, that might create issues and risk my quarter final. However, if you guys like the design and want to see it released publicly, just react to it and I'll see if it's worthy of release.
When released, the car will have the option of generic windows (no names) and roof scope (no flag).

So... it's up to you guys. What do you guys think? Do you want to see this design released?

No description available.No description available.No description available.No description available.No description available.No description available.

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