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11 hours ago, AyrtJ97 said:

Here you go @Keko55, just unzip the file on the main DiRT Rally 2.0 folder. Maybe I'll need to make the logo smaller, but I prefer that you try it first, and then tell me wheter you like it or not 


Thank you very much!! Very kind. I’ll try it... Greetings!!! I’ve already tried it and it’s perfect. Now the car looks really nice 🙂

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Pontus Tidemand - Patrik Barth - Škoda Fabia Rally 2 evo - ACI Rally Monza 2020




Maro Engel - Ilka Minor - Škoda Fabia Rally 2 evo - ACI Rally Monza 2020





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14 minutes ago, PJTierney said:

Hey everyone, quick question.

I remember there being a mod that gave people the ability to freely move the camera around in replays. Does anyone have a link to that?


@SRD_SimVansevenant @Lebrass

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Oc3c3_DHcIX7nO36skuXyWYf2ph6KaJz/view?usp=sharing          didn't find original link for it, so here you have google drive file posted by me, all rights goes to the owner. 

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