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Hello everyone!!! I'm a total newbie, but I've been working on a decoration for weeks. It is in WIP phase, and I don't know when I will release it.... Those rims are not the final ones... they are from another car but I used them as a test... Upgraded front turn signals, black color behind the front grilles, colored taillights, white door frame... I have to bench paint the mirrors as well. I show you some pictures:



DiRT Rally 2.0_2021.11.06-03.10_1.png


DiRT Rally 2.0_2021.11.06-03.10.png



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My first contribution. It has cost me a lot, since I am a complete novice. I hope you like it. I find it beautiful:

Plastic" effect side windows. Improved turn signals and headlights... and many more details. 

Gold rims and snow glitter. White gloss rims and matte black center. Apex Racing brakes. 


Audi Sport quattro S1 Olympus 1.18V

DiRT Rally 2_opt.png

DiRT Rally 2_opt (1).png

DiRT Rally 2.0_2021.11.09-18.40.png

DiRT Rally 2.0_2021.11.09-18.41.png

DiRT Rally 2.0_2021.11.09-18.50.png

DiRT Rally 2.0_2021.11.09-19.08.png

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