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MAJOR BUG CONFIRMED - Higher FPS = Lower Tyre Temps!


A few days ago a competitor by the name of Sien posted a video claiming that he experienced higher tyre temperatures and thus greater tyre wear and slower lap times when running at a lower frame rate.

This got me thinking….. Having dabbled in game development myself a few years back, the concept has merit. I don’t know how Codemasters engine works for this particular game, but many game engines do in fact link events such as refreshing the physics, environment, input, etc based on frame cycles. However I wasn’t keen to jump to conclusions as any time a human is driving there are quite a few variables at play, regardless of how fast and consistent the driver is.

I set out to find a way to test this more accurately and discovered I could capture the game’s UDP telemetry in Benchmark mode, meaning we can compare tyre temperatures at different frame rates with far less other variables than with a human driver.

This video shows my testing and the results.


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Hi @Sentinel196

Thanks for taking the time to post. The team is aware of this and are investigating.  

I’m also going to move this to the F1 Technical Assistance forum so that it’s in the right place. Thanks again!

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