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So, could somebody with the PS4 or Xbox version put me out of my misery, and tell me about the FOV setting?

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It's early days, and this is a multi-season release. I actually believe the chances are better than even that some fairly major improvements in the console releases will be forthcoming. The game clearly didn't have time to be quite finished and polished the way the studio had probably envisaged.

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@Jake Cushing Codemasters have a poor track record of making any substantial changes post release however they are using a different financial model for the first time with Dirt Rally 2.0 with the DLC seasons. I believe that Codemasters would like DR2.0 to have as Games as a Service (GaaS) model where they continue producing additional paid for DLC over a long period, hence why they've been clear that Deluxe only includes the first 2 seasons, clearly implying their hope that there will be more seasons after this, if they think it is financially viable.

So if the GaaS model works then yes we could see major improvements down the line, the cynic in me believes that Codemasters will try to get as much money out of any future content for as minimal work as possible so I'm still skeptical that they will make major improvements to the base game.

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