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Huge rhythmic stutter on high end PC


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5 hours ago, Eagleizer said:

The rhythmic stutter is best documented in the Frametime graph. This is using driver 378.92,

which is the driver that gives the least stutter. It is sometimes better after a restart, but comes

back after a while and eventually the game will hang. Unless I CTRL+ALT+DEL within 10 seconds

or so, my whole PC will hang and I have to force close it. I have tried all drivers, 3 different GFX

cards (2 EVGA 1080 FTW and GIGABYTE GTX 1080Ti), 2 different MB (ASUS x99 Deluxe and Deluxe II) 

I have bought a 3rd MB (ASUS ROG RAMPAGE V EDITION 10), but have not tried it yet, because I

want to see if the new update 1.5 improves on anything first.


Codemasters have been acting worse than I would expect from any dev. in relation to this problem,

and is a complete disgrace. So far I have wasted more than $1200 trying to find hardware that is

circumventing these BUGs.  Codemasters could at least have tried to communicate some statistics

and work with us to try to get to the bottom of this problem, but unfortunately, they don't care... 

Since they asked us to send DxDiag to Support back in february, I have heard NOTHING.


Turning OFF all USB does not change anything for me, and using other drivers than 387.92, makes

the game totally unplayable. Picture below is with driver 378.92. Frametimes spikes every 10 seconds

and there are normally more large spikes in a stage than here. The long line at the end is when the 

game is windowed in the menu, and inactive. Activating it will trigger the Frametimes seen in the

beginning, before I start the stage. The picture is from February 24., but nothing have changed...


Try actual chipset driver this solve problem for me

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Ok, so now with 1.5 it's gone worse.

Don't know what CM needs to fix it, but at the moment it's going in the wrong direction.


Before 1.5 it was a simple stutter, but know the frame stutter repeats itself in the stutter ... frame times up to 74 ms.

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I built a new PC two weeks ago and now I'm having the same issue.

My config:
ASUS ROG STRIX X470-F GAMING motherboard
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU (Stock settings)
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB GPU
16GB DDR4 RAM 3200 MHz (DOCP profile)
Windows 10 1903 64bit

Input devices:
Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition
SHH Shifter
Aiologs Handbrake

(It's also worth mentioning that I had no performance issues before with a much older config and the same game controllers.)

I have this periodic freeze described in the OP as well. It's also present in the menu and it's there regardless of graphic settings, even with everything turned off or set to low. I'll try to post a more detailed report later.

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Yeah, after further investigation, the steering wheel (Thrustmaster T300RS) causes the issue for me as well. As soon as I unplug the wheel and use the keyboard instead, the game runs just fine. But it seems that Dirt Rally 2.0 is the only game affected by this, even F1 2019 runs silky smooth with it.

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Out of curiosity, I checked the precedessors with the same PC - game controllers combo:

- Dirt Rally runs without issues
- I experience the same problem in DiRT4 too, I get these periodic stutters every 3-5 seconds when at least one of my controllers is plugged in
(- F1 games are also free of this issue)

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its stopped me from playing at this point. how am i supposed to press a button for handbrake once VR comes along??  its bad enough as it is.

my handbrake works fine on ALL other supported games

its getting a wiff of SLRE now with the lack of progress with this issue, and iv lost confidence in CodeMasters products at this point, id have bought F1 2019 already but for this, and its not something new from what other forums have said about F1 2018 and D4



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Interesting, I tried the workaround suggested by multiple people in other forums: I manually disabled the HID controllers in the Device Manager one by one, disabling a specific entry indeed fixes the stuttering in both DR2 and D4.

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Just the usual information, that the Stutter problem is not resolved.

DR V 1.7.0 / Steam / Win 10 / VR (Valve Index at 90Hz)

This time I attached a DS4 Controller - started the game and started a stage (sitting on the start line) left side with frametime all over the place up in the 50ms -> results in a lot of stutter while driving

Then I disconnected the DS4 controller and the stutter is gone, you can see on the right side the frametime is down to around 13ms


PS: Last time I used my TH8 shifter to disconnect, because I forgot to connect the DS4 first. So you can disconnect any HID device while the game is running to remove this stutter.


@CM Please solve this issue, it's here since v1.0 and now we are at v1.7 

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Just to remind CM, that the problem is not solved at all.

Because of the special livery of Petter Solberg I started DR2 (now v1.12) after a few month break to see what's changed and it's worse than ever.

Now the rhytmic stutter is down to 4 fps with frametime of 300ms, it's nearly unplayable. 


I will try the DS4 trick to see if that helps or if there is a new problem.

Edit: The DS4 trick to unplug the controller after the game started no longer works. The time delta between the stutters is 12s so what does the game engine every 12s that it slows down the whole game?

BTW: I'm really happy that only the CM games have this problem nothing in ACC, R3E, Automobilista, iRacing, PC2 ...

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This Stuttering thing is happening to my computer right after mounted a new 3090 GPU, not even using all in game settings to ULTRA, just a few, not using the max. resolution available of 3620-1527 and 159mhz, I'm with only at 2560*1080 x 159mhz, no FPS count from Steam shows either... All Drivers removed and installed again...

Before I was using a GTX1660 without any issues, with all the in game graphics adjustments just exactly as they are now...


Weird sh!it!!!



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