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Remove Always Online for the Career!


Remove Always Online for Career?  

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  1. 1. Please Remove Always Online for Career

    • Yes please! Remove it.
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Always Online in a Career Mode?

Can't you just please stick to things that you know? Wow, there is absolutely no reason for doing something like this?

Do you remember SimCity 2013? Apparently not.


Sorry, I had to vent here,

but damn, this might be the best Rally Game I played so far. Don't do that to me and the others.

Please remove this forced always online. I want to be able to play this game in 20 years, just like your Colin McRae Rally 1998.

Damn that hurts.


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Why in the Hell was such a choice made?
Had I known I maybe wouldn't have bought.

This is the worse Idea ever, like mentioned: remember the desaster of SimCity.

Please... remove that.

RaceNet is down, I can't play the career. I bought the deluxe version to play a little bit today, but can't.

Thank you Codemasters, you suck.... :classic_sad:

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...communicating with racenet?    every other time i press a button i get  (...communicating with racenet) this is game breaking for me.  i have 100 mb service and yes it works just fine except for ...communicating with racenet?  it needs to be removed asap!!!!  Some people actually play single player games away from there internet connection, i dont remember reading that this game required single player to be connected to racenet.  

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If you want to sync the offline data with your racenet I suggest you do it the following way:

  1. "Zip" the local data
  2.  Try to upload the date
    1. Upload ok? Finish it! Close the connection!
    2. Upload not ok? Try it again later. Keep a local copy of the data.

In its current state the racenet is the cause I do not encourage my colleagues to buy Dirt Rally 2.

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Not sure where to find the TaC

But it always connects when it has something to upload or download from racenet.

So when I play Time Trial which is possible offline, it wants to upload your time at the end.

Which currently fails for me as well.

So uploading times and downloading your rewards for dailys and weekly...

Damn I can't see where the reason is to be always online in the career.

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Racenet has had an influx of new users, give them time to sort this out. I have been playing with no issues for the last week or two as there were only a small amount of players.

While I agree that it feels odd to have it in a SP game mode, the leaderboards in DR and D4 had so many hackers so if this means I can actually post competitive times (or at least try!) then I won't be confused as to why I'm 30 seconds behind when it was a flawless run.

If there weren't no-lifers who get a kick out of hacking an video game's leaderboard, we wouldn't have these issues.

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2 minutes ago, JackKey said:

I don't see how making the Career Always Online results in protecting cheaters from uploading fake times?

Maybe the have better cheat-protection this time, but that would have nothing to do having the Career always online.

It's always the same story. Tones of DRM, protections, servers, internet, etc, and then there is a random guy who can easily find a work around these things. Then they will say the game is not selling well because they maybe didn't enough promotion or people is not interested in rally.

It will be funny to see how long it takes for the first 1 second stage to happen.

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It really is such a shame that this is not working at all right now. For the little while I was able to play I started to really like the game, but this just completely destroys the whole experience and makes people like me, who spent extra money because they wanted to play the game early on and because they love your games, just unbelievably frustrated. 

For the sake of everyone here, Codemasters, please get this issue sorted asap, otherwise it'll have a lot of negative backlash for this, other than that, excellent new game.

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51 minutes ago, JackKey said:


The whole Career is unavailable if there is not internet or no connection as far as I know from what I read elsewhere.

Right now I can't connect to the career without getting this warning I uploaded in my first post.

You still have historical championship to play.


If codies are going into esports requiring connection is needed. It's 2019 FFS stop comparing it to CMR 2.0

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