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Trip memory lane


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Hi Guys and Codies,

I just come from a small play session of one of the best racing games of all time :D

Raises also a question: Am I an oldtimer....???

Guess ;)

It's really incredible what Codies pulled out of that good old PS1! ^:)^

* Mechanical damage
* Cosmetic damage
* Parts on track
* Smoke effects
* Locking up brakes
* Great AI
* Weather (Sunny, Cloud, Drizzle, Rain, Storm, Night)
* 14 cars on track
* Cockpit ;)
* Exhaust flames

Codies & @Loore , you were already able to pull this off on a system that was 100 times less powerfull than a PS3. I would like to know if you can tell a bit more about the development time between this game and for example the new GRID AS. Have you still employees working in your office that also made this astonishing achievement on the PSONE?
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We've got people working here that have been at the company over 20+ years

Many of the dev team on Autosport have worked on a lot of our previous racing titles, from Race Driver: GRID (we've got a fair few of those, certain AI drivers may be a bit familiar ;) ) and beyond.

100 times less powerful may be the case, but the quality of visuals (and so forth) were also massively different back in those days. Plug a PS1 into a 4k TV and see how it looks for example not to mention all the stuff you don't see, all the net code and physics engine working away etc

* Mechanical damage - In Autosport
* Cosmetic damage - In Autosport
* Parts on track - In Autosport
* Smoke effects - In Autosport
* Locking up brakes - In Autosport
* Great AI - In Autosport
* Weather (Sunny, Cloud, Drizzle, Rain, Storm, Night) - Maybe next time
* 14 cars on track - 16 In Autosport
* Cockpit - In Autosport
* Exhaust flames - In Autosport

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You're no older than I am,

That along with the old Colin McRae Rally games are the reason I got into racing games and motorsport (and why I now work here.)
For me it started all with Formula 1 '97 from Psygnosis. After Toca, Toca2, Toca WTC and CMR 1 & 2

@Loore‌ , i understand the games are much more complicated now but even with that many games dont reach that level of playabillity and joy anymore than those from the psone era. Even with much simpler physics , graphics etc it is still a very enjoyable game and it ticks more racingbuttons than most of the currentgen!
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P308R nice memories i recalled....
isn't this the toca touring cars 1?? i had it too in ps1...nice period...

justbiglee ...i am of that period too... i still remember the licence challenegs with skoda fabia to earn the licence and to run in Acropolis rally with SUBARU Impreza of unforgettable Colin Mac Rae..
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@MiatakiasGR -> It's Toca World Touring Cars :D

@Loore @Britpoint & @justbiglee : I don't know if you guys have the time or if you are willing to answer a few questions about the differences between a PSOne production and a PS3 production like GRID AS, but here they are:

1. How much time did it take to model a car in Toca WTC and Grid AS?
2. How much polygons were used for a car in Toca WTC and Grid AS?
3. How much more advanced is the AI from Grid AS over Toca WTC?
4. Can you explain the differences in how the AI works in both games?
5. How much lines of code were used to create both games?
6. How many people worked on Toca WTC and how many on Grid AS?
7. Was obtaining licenses much less of in issue in Toca WTC than in Grid AS?
8. The damage system , how much of the console power did you use on Toca WTC and Grid AS?
9. Except from multiplayer and disciplines, what is it that GRID AS has more in terms of gameplay than TOCA WTC?
10. To which level is Codies going to take it on PS4?

That's about it ;)

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