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I was very much hyped for this ready for Tuesday but now that it was out my head was saying "Go for Deluxe, play tonight" but I'm glad I didn't.

From reading this it sounds like deluxe buyers are having a nightmare playing career due to racenet going down all the time and it also appears that FFB is terrible and doesn't give you any feel of the surface. To me this is a big no no. If you can't feel the difference through the wheel if driving on tarmac or gravel then I'm out.

I'll stick to D1 and I still like the your stage generation in D4.

Very sad to hear this and hope it gets fixed. The rest of it sounds great but if I can't feel feel surface type then it loses immersion.

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For me Racenet was slow when I first used it this morning but went out shopping with the wife and now it seems fine!

FFB seems to have muted road feel unless you turn it right up at the risk of a big jolt. Perfectly playable though and for me already ahead of DR.

Loving it so far, glad I took the plunge!

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