Hi all,
  Please see below for the Day One patch notes for DiRT Rally 2.0. This is v1.1, but will be pushed live to PlayStation users as v1.03 - just something to be aware of.
  Visual updates: Improved visual quality of tracks Improved placement of reset lines in tracks Updated car model quality Additional sponsors added to vehicles and trackside hoardings
  Connectivity: Online connectivity improvements to My Team via RaceNet and in title fixes Network connectivity improvements and bug fixes for non-RaceNet multiplayer
  AI: AI has been improved in all game modes
  Audio Additional new audio lines for non-English co-drivers
  Misc: Quality of life improvements to My Team Assorted big fixes UX refinement for Custom mode Addressed general stability issues throughout title Improvements and corrections to text
  Please note that we are aware of the RaceNet connectivity issues and Xbox One Deluxe Edition unlock problems, but if there's anything else you feel has slipped through the cracks otherwise, please report those issues here.