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DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.1 - found a bug? Post it here!


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2 hours ago, KalandosLajos said:

Cockpit view is bugged? My lights are not smashed, every setting on high at least (motion blur off)... and then it's almost complete darkness during the day, headlights do nothing, also check the center rear view mirror, WHAT?!

I had the same experience as I wrote in a post above! At first in Argentina and now in New Zealand. At first I wasnt sure but now I'm: it's a serious bug that needs to be fixed. In a daytime stage the headlights doesnt work, and you find yourself in the 100% black on some sections of rainy stages. It was the same level of darkness when I smashed my headlights on a night stage.

I play on Xbox One.


(amúgy nagyon király a játék 🙂

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The steering wheel rotation is not correct even though I set soft lock to ON and calibrate my wheel correctly.

Some cars follow the rotation perfectly while others don't . The solution is the set the saturation to 60 (540 degrees instead of 900 of the G29). Most annoying and should be fixed.

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This is a strange one.

I’ve has this happen 5 times in the past 20 minutes, all on the New Zealand Weekly Challenge.



Having run a few more stages I think this is repeatable.

It only happens in Weekly Challenges.

On your first Stage after a Service Area everything will be normal.

On your second Stage after a Service Area you will hear a constant banging noise, as if your car is bottoming out or the suspension has collapsed.

If you hit a bump at the side of the road with enough speed all 4 wheels will come off the ground, rear wheels higher and you’ll float.

The only way to continue is to reset the car (and take the penalty).


For reference, this is on Xbox One X.

I’m doing a Weekly Challenge at New Zealand in the VW Polo R5.


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On 22/2/2019 at 18:33, ChristinaMc said:

Ciao a tutti,

Vedere di seguito le note sulle patch del Day One per DiRT Rally 2.0. Questo è v1.1, ma sarà trasmesso in diretta agli utenti di PlayStation come v1.03 - solo qualcosa di cui essere a conoscenza.

Aggiornamenti visivi:

Migliore qualità visiva delle tracce

Posizionamento migliorato delle linee di ripristino nelle tracce

Aggiornamento della qualità del modello di auto

Sponsor aggiuntivi aggiunti a veicoli e cartelli a terra


Miglioramenti della connettività online a My Team tramite RaceNet e correzioni di titoli

Miglioramenti della connettività di rete e correzioni di bug per multiplayer non-RaceNet


L'intelligenza artificiale è stata migliorata in tutte le modalità di gioco


Altre nuove linee audio per i co-driver non inglesi


Miglioramenti della qualità della vita alla mia squadra

Grandi correzioni assortite

Rifinitura UX per la modalità personalizzata

Risolto il problema della stabilità generale nel titolo

Miglioramenti e correzioni al testo

Tieni presente che siamo a conoscenza dei problemi di connettività di RaceNet e dei problemi di sblocco di Xbox One Deluxe Edition, ma se c'è qualcos'altro che ritieni sia sfuggito alle crepe, ti preghiamo di segnalare questi problemi qui.



problems of FFB, you feel on the steering wheel only when you land from a jump and the iron grates in Australia. Problems with Racenet all day, continuous disconease with relative loss of progress made in career mode. Some phases in the shade, in the undergrowth are dark even with the lights on. In some cars, the lights seem to point more towards the top than on the ground and in depth.

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Sound bug:
During a stage all the sound turned off except for some very faint pebble sound against the car. All the rest, engine, co-pilot, ambient, etc. disappeared. I managed to finish the stage and the music still worked during replay. Plus, each time I moved through the menus a tapping-on-a-mic kind of sound could be heard. I continued to the next stage and the issue persisted. Only when I quit to the main menu things went back to normal.

Btw, really enjoying the game! :classic_biggrin:

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5 hours ago, PJTierney said:

When doing Rallies in Multiplayer occasionally I won't get any Co-Driver audio. This normally lasts for a few corners before coming back again.

This is happening on Xbox One X however I've heard a few people mention it on Steam as well.

Same. I'm on PC and the co-driver randomly shuts up for a few corners. It might occur when you cut/crash your car a bit.

Also: Getting random disconnects when playing multiplayer. ex "You have been kicked from this session."

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PC STEAM Deluxe Edition


I had the opportunity to properly test the game now and I'm enjoying every bit of it. Despite the FFB vibrations not being that apparent, I managed to get it slighty better by putting Tyre Friction and Suspension on 150, so now at least I get some feedback from the bumps and gravel. The gravel physics are indeed very good and a notory improvement over the past titles, both in smooth stages like NZ or harsh stages like in Australia. The driving makes sense and the feeling is great.

As for the tarmac, like Jimmy Broadbent said, it really needs improvement, although I think it's slighty better than D4 and this is the best tarmac physics we've had so far in a rally game from Codemasters. According to a supposed developer statement, tarmac physics could not be changed because the AI times would suffer. I would sacrifice the AI and adjust it later, in order to get proper tarmac physics because the future of this game will be Online Multiplayer and eSports, not AI singleplayer. So if you have the opportunity to develop the tarmac physics further throughout the seasons, please invest in that as it will be worth it! Well the Evolution staff developed DriveClub, I'm not sure how good those physics were but perhaps they could help you guys refine it.


About the damage, I think there's been a significant improvement on the visual damage. However, you should make the Hardcore Damage mode more..hardcore. The visual damage is good as it is, but the mechanical damage needs to get more unforgiving on the Hardcore Damage mode whenever you crash, bash your wheels to the side of the walls/rails, etc. I'm not just talking about being able to terminal damage more easily, but also about the overall parts damage whenever you make a mistake by crashing or bashing the car (like wheels aligment, suspension damage, tyres, etc) and this needs to have a negative effect on the driving and times (i think it already does?).

This time around you don't have the problem about people complaining that the game is too forgiving, because anyone who wants the easy side can keep the hardcore damage turned off, and at the same time you can deliver a more realistic experience for the hardcore simmers and eSports by improving the hardcore damage mode.

I'm not really sure how it is coded, but unlike changing the visual damage (which doesn't need to be changed tbh), the mechanical wear/damage can be altered by adjusting the formula rates, so a crash will damage those components more than it is currently. This is something that could be tweaked throughout seasons, as you already have a lot of stuff on your hands right now.


Bugs spotted (apart from what's been reported already):

- Occasional crash (send report screen) when going from the stage results to the next stage. I suppose you get the reports. This happens in both career and custom races, resulting in a championship reset on career and a retirement on the custom session.

- Cockpit driver hands isn't appearing and the wheel doesn't move despite the setting being turned on.

- On custom multiplayer races, you don't get the correct damage notes of your friends at the end of the stage. (Example: My friend had body damage, high engine temperature. For him, the notes were correct, for me it appeared as "-" on his name.

- Saw a bush flashing/glitching visually in an NZ stage. (770 GTX with latest driver) I cant remember the stage name sorry, and it's not really an important bug lol, but I felt like reporting nevertheless.


Hope these ones help you on the bug hunting and patching.


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Hello dear Codemasters team. Dirt Rally 2.0 is really a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I think on the Playstation 4 Pro with the Thrustmaster T300 a few things not so good. First, the FFB is too weak and offers too few effects. I know that's already a big topic. The second criticism of my page is the "washed-out graphics". The environment and the speedometer are too blurred. Maybe there is still a sharpness controller in the graphics menu install. We look forward to receiving updates and bugfixes soon. Greetings from Germany


This looks worse on the TV (Samsung 4k UHD).


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