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DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.1 - found a bug? Post it here!


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1 hour ago, Gauthier said:

¿Alguna actualización sobre el FFB?


50 minutes ago, Hitmanvega said:

Estoy seguro de que darán una actualización tan pronto como puedan con respecto al FFB. Ellos declararon que lo están investigando.

hopefully. I follow these forums from the first news of DR2.0, and if there is something I have to recognize is that coddies listened to us suggestions, they have fulfilled many of the things we asked for, they have done a great job, the game it's excellent! so my confidence that they fix the FFB is on them.

my confidence is in you @ChristinaMc @CMMcBabe

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1 minute ago, Bukharov said:

Hello All! Codemasters please fix  optimization on Playstation 4. Verry Big Blurry in game. Game is verry good!!! but blurry its kills my eyes.. Sorry for my English. Thanks!

This is also the case for Dirt Rally 2.0 on the Xbox One: The graphics are blurry and washed out - it looks like there is a heavy AA everywhere. When racing, particularly when driving through forrest areas with a lot of trees, it's almost impossible to see where I'm going. It's like Bukharov said in his post: 'it's killing my eyes'. Even the graphics from Dirt Rally 1.0 are still much better in quality than this. I love Dirt Rally 2.0, especially the driving is so much improved in compare with Dirt Rally 1.0, but the graphics are a big let down. Please fix this!

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There's a few pacenotes in NZ that are not said by Phil Mills. I remember one of them is a square left (1). There is another one that he starts saying it but doesn't finish, don't know if it was because Iwas too fast and it just cut the audio.

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Platform Xbox one x

mode, freeplay 

Thought I would list some recurring bugs I have noticed so far since release.

Occasional black screen flickering on all rally events,

audio cut out bug as well documented,

Floating rotating wheel of ai opponent in RX,

floating door mirror and window of polo ai in RX,

Good day guys, Great game! 

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On 2/26/2019 at 1:42 AM, clewman said:

This happened to me also.

And I'll paste some info from steam what else happened when driving the weekly R5 challange (info from another user on steam that got same problem)



Every time I begin a stage that isn't the first stage or a stage after a service, the car feels like it's dragging a big piece of metal that is caught in the wheels.  If I restart the stage, the problem disappears but if I keep driving, the car becomes undriveable.  

It's definitely not a flat or missing tire because it happens every time without fail as described, including after flawless stages where there should be no damage.  I also checked the exterior views and the wheels are all clearly on the vehicle.  The bug shows up before I can even drive too.  The car shakes violently as the camera pans around it during the intro.  I'm not sure yet if it's just the car (R5 VW) but I will test other cars and edit this post.

It was bad enough in the single player where I could use all of my restarts to get around the problem (which was a problem in itself) but I couldn't do the R5 weekly challenge today because I was unable to restart and after a flawless first stage that put me in the top 10%, I had to retire after the second stage because the car was useless due to the bug.  Not cool considering that I'd bought the car and leveled it up just for that weekly event.

Edit: after setting up a custom championship with two stages with the VW and Skoda R5's and The Peugeot B Class car, all three were fine on the first stage and the bug was clearly present with each on the second stage, right from the start.


Same for me. Also using VW in weekly challenge. I tried to drive but if you hit a little bit of grass (no matter of speed) it was like "tilt" in flipper - the car couldn't steer, all drive lost and car stopped, after pressing recover I could continue but same thing happened if you was a tiny bit out of road. Barely nothing to repair at service, first stage after a service always OK but not next one without crashes...



I have exactly the same issue and would like to know if I should try to reinstall the game or if everyone has the same problem. I play it on a PS4 but also know it occurs on PC as well. The singleplayer is unplayable for me

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3 hours ago, eScourge said:

Bug Found @ChristinaMc

Audio Bug.

Total loss of audio in the middle of a stage except for dirt/gravel hitting vehicle and strange popping sound during race countdown or when navigating audio menu.

Could not reproduce but bug was gone when game loaded into next stage. 

Sysinfo attached

Video link:



Another sound bug here:

I was doing the Weekly AI Challenge in Australia. Mid-stage, all sound stopped working. Finished the stage, went back to the menu, and the menu music was on, but the effect sounds were gone (i.e. the sound when you get a reward). Had to restart the game in my case.


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Game just froze after doing AI Daily, at the Rewards screen. Had to Alt + Tab to close the Game.

Sent Crash report tough.


Edit: ...and crashed / froze again. This time when doing RX 1600 Daily. Game frozes, at the "splash / screenie" thing, that game does, right after finishing a stage.

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@ChristinaMc  a video to prove the Handbrake issue in DR 2.0 (way too sensitive)

Using a Fanatec handbrake

  as you can see, it locks way too quick.  (the white numbers are FL, FR, RL, RR wheel speeds)


Edit: Well not to mention the ripped tyre and broken steering arm that shunt near the end should create. 🙂

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Cockpit exposure is really bad, the difference from a outside view to a interior view is way to much, take any stage at dusk where there might be a woodland ie, New Zealand and it becomes impossible to see the track, even raising the brightness to 140 which is way over the top, but go to a exterior view and all is good and how it should be, also the headlight should actually work like they do at night..please fix as this is really spoiling competing in some of these stages..

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Bug to report: when driving with any car on the Spain track (and it happens randomly on other tracks) the car will suddenly hit an invisible object in the middle of the road. It causes damage to the car or it flips. I found one going slowly and backed up and forward and was able to hit it consistently. It's completely invisible.

I'm on PC with really low graphics settings. HELP!

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Hello All,


I am new to the forum, but am not new to Dirt Rally by any means. Dirt Rally 2.0 has been stellar so far. However, I have found a glitch and wanted to report it so it could be looked into. 


I believe this may be specific to the M3 E30, but I was doing rally in Poland and the headlights were not working properly. In one race they were flickering on and off on their own. I though I may have damaged them somehow and ignored it. On the next track, it was pitch black and the lights never even came on. If I positioned the camera to look at the front of the car and you could see the lights were on, they just were not giving any light on the track. I would also like to note there was no damage to the front of the car; I had just repaired. I recorded a short clip, hopefully that will help. I apologize for putting it into a link, it was a little too big for the limit and I don't have a software to trim the video down.

Here is a link to the video:





Edit: I am on PC

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