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Dirt 2.0 went backwards from the last title imo

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So last game I thought had a great team setup with different members to choose from, and different codrivers/spotters. As far as I can see Dirt 2.0 has went backwards. Less features, weather options, etc. I have yet to see snow/fog, and the track selection seems less varied. I wish we could actually watch the AI replay in the session. With the times they are putting up in heavy rain, I honestly don't think the AI is being affected by weather properly. Was the development cycle drastically reduced for this title? 

EDIT: Also this is still going on even after the update... SLvqhpl.png 

Always online requirements are ALWAYS a bad thing, especially in single player when you can't even save progress. Very disappointed, this will be my last preorder. 

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adding all gripes

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