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Contract ship mode Gameplay

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Hi guys,

Just got this idea today and I thought it could be shared with you all and you can also suggest more options and shine some light on this so that the Developers will also see this.

1. We need to start new modes other than Duel and Single and the third one could be contract.

2. What if we add levels to players and depending upon their level, Wins & Loss and other factors in the race, they get contract ship from different sponsors (let me explain in details below with a example);-

Imagine I am in League 5 and the contract mode unlocks 🏎️

when I open the contract mode I see several brands like Rexona, Petronas,Redbull,Shell etc etc who are ready to take me in has their brand driver with a contract (This contract can be cancelled anytime by the player if he or she wants) 

And when i select any contract which i feel is good i also get  free set of decals and performance parts (it may be common,rare or epic depending on the league and contract we get)

Higher level league players get epic or rare parts and they start to drive for their teams - Players can use this free part and decals in Duel,single or even in the events

3.There can also be daily races (like task or mission) to be completed in the contract mode and they can also get u RP points for the completion of the contract race

4. Later when the player levels up he can resign the contract and choose a better one and start racing for them...


I have jotted down all the things that was in my mind..uuuffff i feel like the kid from the movie transformers who was writing all the glyphs on the wall..oooo:classic_laugh:


Please feel free to add more options in this and lets see weather the devs look into this with more intensity 

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