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WRX AI needs some serious work

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This is in career mode, don't know how they are doing in custom events.

In lower tiers, the AI is generally slow, but behaves somewhat decent.
But in 1600 class on Holjes, they tent to weave left right and deliberatly drive into me when I am trying to pass. A few times they went off track and when they tried to go back they deliberatly crashed into me, almost in a 90° angle. All, while I was going a wide line to pass and giving them enough space to reenter the track. They behaved like online crash kids!
In RX Lites class (only on Loheac) they constantly crash into me from behind into the first turn. They simply shove me of the track - every time.

And then comes Supercar class, where the AI is not only super fast, but also highly aggressive, basically ignoring me all the time and pushing me into barriers etc.

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