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Inputs detected, but none in race (DR 2.0)

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Hi, I am using fanatec v3 pedals and an osw simucube wheel. If I look at input recording menu, it sees all inputs perfectly. However, in game, there's nothing. The wheel doesn't rotate, no gas, no handbrake, nada. I've remapped them axis so many times and the input recorder never fails in-game. I just get absolutely nothing in the race.


I have tried using 3 different techniques to make this work.  For a SINGLE race, I managed to have everything working 100% perfectly. Unfortunately never again.

If I delete my work and reset back to original installs, I have pedals/wheel, but no FFB. Adding my device ID to the device xml puts me in the broken condition (however it is also how I got the game working 100% for a single event at one point.) 


I've tried various device adds, and I even did the dirt4 fix and made a custom FFB actionmap xml, but I'm stuck otherwise.



Any tips?

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I had to map a button to hand brake. After that, it releases the controls.
I have a HE handbrake, and it works 100% without any issue, but I had to also map a button to the function. I only have to hold it at the start of the event and the never look at it again. The analog handbrake works terrific after that point.

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Hey mate,

I have exact same problems. But I don't use a handbrake yet and it wont let me assign any button to the handbrake in the SImucube controls section. 

I may have to install my Fanatec handbrake to try and make this work.

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