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QOTW: Which is the best DiRT game?


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I cant vote. I love them all for different reasons.

I can definitely say i like Showdown the least, but its a different typre of game altogether. It has its moments.

I enjoyed CM DiRT a lot, although the handling was a bit strange. I really liked the damage system (much like previous CMR's). There could have been more variety of environments.

DiRT 2 was awesome, and the one i've spent the most time with. The crazy menu's were super cool, although i enjoyed DiRT1 and 3's menus almost as much. The handling seemed good to me, liked the soundtrack and the visuals are stunning. I enjoyed the 'american' aspects to it, but i would like to see a more British theme in future.

DiRT 3 is very very nice from what i've played of it (3 hours or so). But i'm putting off playing it until the GFWL removal, so i can get Steam achievements and cloud saves.
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I loved the idea of showdown, I just prefer realism over arcade, so the boosting, the weird cars used in destruction derby (the buggy thing especially), and the automatic driver assists in gymkhana turned me off. After all, demo derby is what I play most on Grid online. But rallying is my favorite motorsport, and D3 was the best!

Also, the above post just reminded me of D2's unbelievable sound track, by far the best in any game I've played. It's very close with Skate 2

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I would have said Dirt 1 but multiplayer didn't inspire competition the way smaller lobbies would,  and do! dirt 1 had great tracks and the loading screens were amazing, they even sounded a bit naughty. it was also the last time rally cross/cross over was done great!
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I've played all 4 of them, and completed the career modes and second to all achievements of the latter three.

Sure, Showdown is fun to play with friends for some time, but it's lack of proper handling took away the fun of driving with a steering wheel, and the many bugs in multiplayer (random points being added for a couple of minutes after a Knock Out match, hitting the blocks during Head 2 Head not being detected) are just too annoying.

I haven't played DiRT that much, only bought it after finishing both DiRT 2 and DiRT 3, but the handling felt a bit off, this might have not been the case if I would have started with DiRT instead. I loved the tracks tho, how they were much narrower and technical.

Between DiRT 2 and DiRT 3 it's a close call. I loved the classic rally cars in DiRT 3, the variety of tracks (snow, ice, gravel etc.) and especially the Monte Carlo track pack. Ghymkhana was okay for some time, but I think it just became a too large part of the career mode which made it 'annoying'. It was fun to hoon around on the playground from time to time, just when you felt like it. The partymodes however provided a lot of multiplayer fun with friends, just like Showdown, but with proper handling, and without the annoying bugs.

DiRT 2 was the first game from the DiRT series I played, and it's the one that got me addicted to the series (and in a lesser extent, to Codemasters racing games in general). I loved the atmosphere with the different locations, world map and the trailer. The soundtrack is the best game soundtrack I know. The China, Croatia, Morocco and Malaysia tracks, well nearly all of them actually, and the ability to drive on those tracks with any car I want. I've spend a lot more time doing Time Trials after completing the game in DiRT 2 then I did in DiRT 3, probably because of that.
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Ginginho said:
Why hasn't Showdown received any votes???
where is flight MH370, that's a mystery! Showdown not getting any votes is or i would have thought a forgone conclusion.

Sarcasm doesn't always transcend the internet very well - I apologise - I know full well why it is inconceivable that Showdown gets any votes... ;)
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I have played all 4 of them. My least favorite is Showdown, it didn't even support my wheel (Logitech Formula EX), I had to edit some actionmap files to get it to work. The game felt to arcade-y to me. I did a couple of events, but lost interest realy soon. The whole smash and bash just doesn't appeal to me.

Dirt 1 had the same problem as Grid 1 - the handling with a wheel felt kinda off. I played about half way through the career, but again, lost interest because of not so enjoyable driving experience

Dirt 2 is my favorite with Dirt 3 being a close second. The track variety in Dirt2 is a big plus, also I like the handling a bit better than in Dirt3 (but they're both good). The special cars is a nice touch too (Dallenbach and Toyota Stadium truch are my favorites). And the career feels more engaging (probably not the word i'm looking for, not my native language), Dirt3's career feels kinda flat (I dunno, hard to explain). Also, Dirt2 has awesome music :D 

Some things I like in Dirt3 - more classic cars, fun online modes (like Cat and Mouse), Graphics are better. 
Some things I don't like - the damn Gymkhana :D Also Landrush
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hola said:
Didzis said:
The track variety in Dirt2 is a big plus

This has to be a joke
Dirt3 had Finland, Norway, Michigan (which is kinda similar to Finland), Kenya, Monaco and Aspen (which was almost the same as Norway). Not counting Japan and Monte Carlo, because those are DLC

Dirt2 had LA, Utah, Baja, London, Moroco, Croatia, China, Japan, Malaysia - some of them also may be similar to one another, but compared to Dirt3, there are more different regions in Dirt2, that's what I meant by that
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Nutopian said:
@Didzis I think, it doesnt matter how tracks are called. Look at G2 tracklist, he is big, but tracks are as one.
In D2 is more countries, but too much sand
Since I'm not a big fan of snow tracks, sand is ok for me :D And Dirt is called "dirt" for a reason, but each country does feel kind of different. 
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I can't decide as I love each game for different reasons, can't say they don't have their flaws though.. (Sorry).

Dirt 1: I like for the variety of tracks and vehicles. Hill climb and Big Rig events are brilliant! However, it's handling isn't up to scratch compared to the sequels. 

Dirt 2 improved the handling immensely which was awesome! Nice car selection and tracks, but they're not as strong as Dirt 1 or 3's imo. The best thing about this one is the events with the Buggies and Trucks!

Dirt 3 I think has the best handling out of all three, probably the best car selection too. However, I don't like the Gymkhana and Trailblazer modes. Bring back Hill Climb!

Dirt Showdown I actually liked a lot, those Derby modes were so much fun online and off, but the career mode was too short. It would've been better if it was like an expansion for the Demo Derby series that's in the Grid games only, I didn't like the Hoonigan or Race events at all.

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