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Honest praise to the dev who is responsible for replay cams on Montalegre!

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Seriously, they are pretty much perfect. There is even some variation per lap.

Angles, focal length, placement, depth of field, duration... Really really good.
No switching to onboard. Just pure TV style and also some very nice moments to catch the great sound design.

Now, if you can update the other circuits to this standard, that would be great.
The other WRX tracks have some bugs where the camera just suddenly stops to a standstill and sometimes use long onboard cams.

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I just noticed that replays are different in test mode and actual racing, at least for rallycross.

My praise written above was after several testing laps (choose any car and there is an option to testdrive it). Testing WRX cars happens always on Montalegre. So I did a good amount of laps there in test mode. Today I noticed that the replay after a race uses a different set of cameras, incl. 2 or 3 onboard cams every lap, even though I choose trackside only cams.

Is this a bug?
Cameras in test mode are a lot better. 

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