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More real 2018 WRX/ERX/ARX liveries


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For the current available cars a lot of extra real livery are possible. Here a selection of WRX/ARX/ERC liveries from 2018.

Audi A1/S1
30706541_1772913536081527_4948496486196314112_o.jpg?_nc_cat=109&_nc_ht=scontent-amt2-1.xx&oh=7fcb464968d0ec50d81436b074629abe&oe=5D28419C Tamas Karai (ERX / WRX)

DuvalF-1805-WRX-Mettet-JHen-10.jpg Francois Duval (WRX - Mettet)

44651911691_e9e723a6ca_b.jpg Krisztian Szabo (ERX)

27821634068_1272f6007b_b.jpg Attila Mózer (ERX)

Ford Fiesta MK7

Rallyx-nor-20180609-joax-0431.jpg Joni-Pekka Rajala (WRX / ERX)

2018_03_CAN_MUNICH_(202).jpg?format=1500w Rene Munnich (ARX)

Gerelateerde afbeelding Oliver O'Donovan (WRX)

9ef962904e85dbaf0deb91355d1c34ec0a9041d5.jpg MJP (Wurz / Heikkinen / Jordan / Pucher)

sized_Image00767.jpg M.D.K. (ERX)

42841785870_7c2d7d971a_b.jpg Paulius Pleskovas (ERX)

44023043_2543747248968821_8112565061702123520_o.jpg?_nc_cat=102&_nc_ht=scontent-amt2-1.xx&oh=35026ced21d281ecfe0f64c356027ea6&oe=5CDA3236 Ola Frøshaug (ERX)

Peugeot 208

42841806090_2052a2d622.jpg Davy Jeanney (WRX)

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: auto en buiten Albatec (Higgins / Scott)

27819316608_c4c0fa3d40_b.jpg DA (Dubourg / Andersson)

44433186_1042232192605602_124196323757916160_o.jpg?_nc_cat=100&_nc_ht=scontent-amt2-1.xx&oh=9dbf917a369094e4add0635f73100731&oe=5CEFAFDA Florent Béduneau (ERX)

41652580972_f93c19f418_b.jpg Rodolphe Audran (ERX)

patrick-guillerme-during-the-2017-fia-european-supercar-rallycross-picture-id664120374 Patrick Guillerme (ERX)

Renault Megane RS RX

30781476838_25c8bca629_b.jpg Liam Doran (WRX / ARX)

Subaru WRX STI

42450640872_8522871036_b.jpg Higgins (ARX)

ARX-9754-960x640.jpg Pastrana (ARX)

jacques-villeneuve-subaru-1.jpg Villeneuve (ARX)

YIO_3901.jpg Heikkinen (ARX)

* Maybe the red accent livery impreza as extra livery, but without a name?

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Definitely agree with this! I'd really like to see more liveries for the RX Lites as well, there were some great ones last year:

Oliver Eriksson


Guillaume De Ridder


Ben-Philip Gundersen


Sondre Evjen


Conner Martell


Simon Olofsson


Jami Kalliomäki


Nathan Heathcote


Would be fantastic to see a complete field of 2018 Lite liveries in game!

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