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It's Release Day,is FFB still broken?

Sith Metal

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In my view the ffb lacks immersion compared with DR and even more so compared to RBR. Even more so compared to my limited experience in road rally cars on gravel roads (whites) back in the 80s. In terms of pure feedback through the wheel the overriding sensation was vibration, but we want more from FFB to give the visceral sensation of being thrown around on a bumpy twisty track.

For me it still feels as if the steering as whole is a compromise for controllers, where extreme steering works far better than either it should or be physically possible to apply from lock to lock in a nano second. I first thought DR2.0 had improved this but winding down the lock to unrealistic levels seems to yield capabilities of turning more, or recovering from slides by simply piling on instant lock and back again. Not saying it makes it easy as it gets mega twitchy and way easy to over correct, but it just feels a bit wrong having that capability.


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