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F1 2021 | Online Services Down For Maintenance | 26/07/2021 ×

Thanks CM, but...


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So, I received my 1mil in-game credits for being a deluxe edition customer, but ya know, codemasters, thanks for that, but that’s not what I wanted. I already told myself I’m not going to use those in-game credits if I don’t need to, because I want to earn my money in the game. What I really would’ve appreciated is if the online only career mode was either removed completely and the career was separate from the online events like in previous titles (if it ain’t broke, right...?) or if you guys had just been upfront about it from the beginning and players could know what to expect. I am thankful for the offline content on the game, and when the RaceNet works, the career and online events are fine. But, as has been pointed out, there are still cheaters in the system. I don’t think there’s ever going to be a way to fully combat that. So why not pleasing the people who have been supportive and have followed this game from the beginning, fixing a system that isn’t working, and THEN if you want to give us a little extra credits as a good-will gesture, then I might view things a little differently. The game is good overall, and I am fully hopeful and expectant that you guys will fix some of the minor graphical errors that are in the game, but hopefully the glaring issue of online careers can be properly addressed. 

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