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Softlock not working - CSL Elite Base with Mclaren GT3 Rim


Hey, another thing i just experience and that really annoys me.

I have a Mclaren GT3 Rim on my CSL elite Steering Wheel.


I Setup the preset for the Rim, calibrated the Steering Wheel and tried to activate Softlock. the Problem is, that the Softlock is not working, i Always get 1080°.

Anyone maybe a solution for that? Tried also the same Thing as i started the game as administrator


i7 8700k

16gb RAM DDR4@3200mhz

GTX 1080ti


Also i have the issue if i have my rim plugged in i have stuttering ingame. Newset Nvidiadriver, CSL Driver Version 311 and Firmware 475.

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Softlock isn't working atm for Fanatec gear 😞
Have the very same problem with all my rims.

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