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Sébastien Loeb Rally

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Interesting news kids:

Look CM. The WRC licence is yours for the taking now.  Do you think you can do better than the still undisputed and immensely superior to anything you've ever created Evolution Studios WRC series for the ps2?, prove it. No excuses now.

As for this new game...; the good thing is that It's a full rally game, of course. The bad?, It's being made by Milestone, very well known for their Crappy WRC games (bad physics, bad graphics, bad FPS rates, etc etc bad bad bad etc bad), mediocre MotoGP ones, mediocre everything they may have done to this day.

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No, the license is in the hands of Kylotonn games, which I think are collaborating with Milestone to some extent. We therefore have three rally games hopefully coming in 2015:

* Dirt 4 (The most important, obviously!)
* Sebastien Loeb rally evo
* WRC 2015

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