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BRL ( Blessed Racing League)  is a competitive league that is looking for 4-5 Drivers willing to finish out the season! You don't have to be the fastest guy on the face of the planet, But you should have a desire to be competitive and clean racing. 

We are doing the full F1 Calendar, We are 11 races in at the moment! And we would love to see more talent coming into the scene, We are mostly North American based, But depending on internet connection we can add people from all over the globe! we're looking for talented and passionate drivers! and If you love the experience we provide with our league, We will be having a short season 2 as too prepare for F1 2019! Which with that coming forward, We will be expanding into a 2-Tier League system, With different rule set's too be imposed per division!, if this is something that interest's you, Please let us know!


You can add me on XBOX at S K E P l l ( The I I  is lowercase L ).  I would love too hear from you about the league, It's co-owned between 4 people, There's a full stewards panel for racing incidents. And a dedicated host/streamer too ensure the best possible experience for all the drivers! 


Thank you for the Time, And I hope to hear back from you guys soon! 

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