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A compromise on RaceNet - remove the 'feature' which can reset your career

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I understand Codemasters are committed to Racenet and its role in validating performance and accept that it's unlikely to be removed from the single player campaign.

The problem I have is when I log on to various discussion forums each day to see how things are progressing (largely radio silence since Saturday by the way), hopeful that stability has improved, I see fresh complaints that people are having their careers reset due to discrepancies which arise when clients de-sync from Racenet.  This puts me off playing entirely, as I've invested a decent chunk of my scarce gaming time into the progress made so far.  

I can live with the outages and the inability to progress due to connectivity problems, but the fact progress made could go up in smoke as a result means I have a $115AUD game that Im unwilling to even try and play.

So, as a compromise, can we at least have the threat of career progress being reset removed from this system?  I really like the game and really want to play, but honestly dont want to risk it.

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