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Cockpit View - Will you use it?


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Just thought it would be interesting to see how the forum will use the return of cockpit view. I'll use it occasionally, I'm a bonnet cam player but occasionally I'll have a session where I want to experience that feeling of being 'right in the heart of the pack'. I won't use it a lot because I've always found it too restrictive to view what's going on around you. Without the ability to move my head as in real life I don't agree with people who claim it's the most realistic way to play a racing game.
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What's T-cam? 3rd person? And yeh for single seater I'd probably use cockpit view the most, damn those choices that don't fit easily into my poll options :D

It's the camera view just behind and above the drivers head in the F1 games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkGDklo2ziw

It's not me racing but was just showing you what T cam was

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I voted for "Will use occasionally" because in races i will use cokpit camera , but i drift a lot, and there i use camera that shows my entire car :) 
Anyway, for me, it depends how good the handling will be, if its like in grid1 and better i will use cokpit camera for sure in all races with my wheel, if handling is like grid2 than gamepad and other camera ...
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gor said:
openwheel cockpit or T-cam
an you miss one option for voting : "will not use" option)
I was going to include it but I just thought that surely everyone will use it at least once especially when they first play the game. And I'd be really suprised if anyone on this forum would never check it out at least once :)
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RubyRuby said:
I checked the box that ain't there.  Won't use it at all.  But I'm glad for you guys that it's in GRID A.

PC/keyboard, offline single player -- with a single 24" display.
Card carrying 95%'er.
same here I've tried using cockpit view in racing games before and can't see enough of the track when I do the only time if and when I do use cockpit is generally only in replays. I like to see a fair distance ahead as it helps me plan my moves.
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Wont be using it at all. I like to see my car, and whos around me.  :)

Cockpit view im sure is great, if you have 3 screen setup.  

With 1 tv and bonnet or cockpit cam, people cant see whats going on around them.  Atleast thats what I figure due to all the "sorry i didnt see you"  talk, I can hear while playing GRID 2 on the 360. 
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I'll abstain from voting: it depends on how detailed the interiors will be for GRID Autosport. I'd at least like to see working dials and data loggers at a minimum, but preview videos don't show that.
I voted yes, but like you i'm also afraid that the Grid Autosport cockpit won't be much better than the ones from the "cockpit mods" in grid 2. Looking at a screenshot from one of the video's you i see:

-no working dials
-no working mirrors

Judging form the interview with Andy Steward when asked about the cockpit view and i quote "The perspective it self is focusing more what's going on around you on the track rather than actually inside the cockpit, but that's the way a real racing driver would see it"

You can hear it somewhere around 1:30

I can only hope for the PC version the texture pack will solve that, but i asked Loore about in the "texture pack" topic and got no answer 

So my guess is no detailed cockpits in Grid Autosport, which would be a shame
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