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3d Models - How to make a background?


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Hi guys,

I'm currently working on a livery for the Opel Ascona 400 that appeared in the 1982's Monte driven by Walter Röhrl.

Anybody an idea how to insert a background in PS CS6 Extended to make the whole thing look better?? Do I need simply a picture or is it more complicated? The following picture looks a bit boring on transparent background...


Maybe @ChristinaMc renews her clue on how to mod the liveries as her mentioned clue doesn't work atm when seeing that the community already works on liveries...?!


Thanks in advance.

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Just make a solid in a layer behind it. Look at the toolbox on the left and find a square/rectangle icon. Define the color and just draw it.

Then look at the layers tab at the right and push that rectangle layer (will say Shape) below the layer that has the car. Done.

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