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f1 2014 game freeze (PS3)

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Okay, I will be the first:   I do not recall my game freezing up until I started playing on-line multiplayer.   I also obtained a headset later but I do not know if it has anything to do with it.  My theory being that I am asking the console to do more and it heats up causing game freeze.   That is why lately I try to keep the console as cool as I can and reduce playing time.  I am thinking restoring the files after saving game data.   I am also going to replace the thermo compound.  Maybe also muting all players except the host in order to keep the load as light as possible.  
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I just replaced the thermo compound and it seems that the console is working fine so far 2 1/2 hours in the first day.  I also noticed that apparently the console is not going to high speed fan mode as it used to do after about 15 minutes.  It seems it never went to high speed.
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