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"manual H pattern + clutch or sequential" option!

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Dirt rally 2.0 doesn't have "manual H pattern + clutch or sequential" option like Dirt rally 1 on game settings!!! Does anybody know if they are going to add it? Manual cars should be manual and sequential cars should be sequential, without having to manually change it every time when you change cars. This was in Dirt Rally 1 but is not in DR2. It really needs to be added since constantly having to change it gets pretty annoying!

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Yes please, just as it was in DR1... auto-switch between the "H-pattern shifter" & "sequential shifter" options without visiting the options menu each time we change cars.

Surely it's an easy win for the dev team, and would be greatly appreciated by the community.


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10 minutes ago, LeonardoRatafia said:

I don't know how they release a game without even thinking on these stuff. What's the point of having a real rally advisor and tester if he doesn't even think of this kind of settings. It's not that is hard to code.


Patch 1.2 is out and still the same... No "manual H pattern + clutch or sequential" anywhere in the gearbox settings..

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1 hour ago, JohnParaskevopo said:

Patch 1.2 is out and still the same... No "manual H pattern + clutch or sequential" anywhere in the gearbox settings..

It's disappointing to hear this hasn't made an appearance in DR2.0 yet. Until it does, it'll be a continual minor annoyance for players with the appropriate hardware.

I very rarely purchase games at release and I was excited for DR2.0, but I have to admit to being so disappointed with the various bugs when I first tried it that I've not been back on since launch. This missing option was just one extra annoyance on top of all those bugs which put me off. I don't mind waiting till CM sort out the main issues, such as career resets, FFB, audio drop outs, etc. They might (rightly) be prioritising those... although I'm not so sure based on what was listed in the recent patch notes... they mentioned supposedly fixing the audio cut outs, but reports indicate it hasn't actually been fixed, and it sounds like there may still be issues with Racenet & career resets.




It's baffling that this "auto-switch shifter types based on car" option has gone missing since the original Dirt Rally.

I can't imagine it's that tricky to implement..? Most of the hard work is already done, as players can make the switch manually in the menu.
All that's missing is...

  • Present an extra choice on the "shifter type" setting, eg. "Authentic Shifter (Sequential *OR* H-Pattern+Clutch)"
  • When you load into a stage/car, the game should (temporarily, without player intervention) auto-switch to use the correct gear shifting logic/controls, depending on the car being driven

Among all the more complex issues that may drag on for some time yet, this one could be a nice quick win for CM ?


Please can someone at CM confirm this "Auto-Switch Sequential / H-Pattern+Clutch" request has been noted, even if it's not a priority for the moment?

I saw a number of people mention it on eg. the v1.1 bug report threads (both here & at Steam), but those threads have been unpinned & replaced with new ones for v1.2. With that approach, it appears that everyone is expected to come back & keep posting the same information, over & over, after each patch? It can feel like a waste of time reporting issues & making suggestions if they simply get tossed into oblivion after each patch, with no ongoing transparency about known issues & priorities, nor a proper "roadmap" or similar (beyond the recent "we're looking into FFB" statement).


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1 hour ago, YorkyPudsy said:

@ChristinaMc With the DR2.0 v1.3 update coming soon, is there any news on whether this much-requested "auto-switch sequential / H-Pattern+clutch" feature from the original Dirt Rally might be returning to DR2.0, either in this update or a future one? Thanks! 🙂

7 hours ago, SimFunny said:

That one is at suggestion box, hope devs read those
Can´t understand why this kind of thing is dropped.

2 hours ago, ChristinaMc said:

We've seen it! We're aware - there are a few other things slightly higher on the priority list at the moment, but it's on our wishlist. 

This seems to be on the to-do-list. Sadly it won't make it to 1.3 update, i'm afraid.

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Thanks for the info Mikkeli!

Happy to see it's on CM's radar at least. That's probably all we can ask for now, so long as they do eventually get round to adding it, since I don't know if it ever made it into Dirt 4 ?

But yeah, there are higher priority issues at the moment: loss of audio, FFB, losing progress due to Racenet, etc.

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11 hours ago, JohnParaskevopo said:

Anyone knows if "manual H pattern + clutch or sequential" option will finally come to the 1.5 update????


@JohnParaskevopo I haven't seen anything about it recently, but I did see someone mention somewhere that Christina is no longer (or at least not currently) with CM... dunno if that's true or not...?

Hopefully there's someone else fielding these requests that we can get an update from?

According to a post above, Christina mentioned it was on CM's wishlist a couple of months back, albeit below some higher priority things.

While it's certainly not a 2 minute job to implement, in the grand scale of things it has to be on the lower end of the the complexity scale, eg. along with things like adding tooltips/helper text for all the game options & car setup menus. The game can already cope with the setting being change manually in the options menu at any point, so it should be able to auto-switch it based on a per-car data entry (sequential/h-pattern)?

Having said that, apparently the "loss of sound" bug still exists even after a couple of attempts to fix it announced in previous patch notes, so there may still be other higher-priority stuff?

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