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Dirt rally 2 crashed many times


After start the game and plaing some races the game is crashing and i see this:


the acess violation are exaclty the same, its dinput8 dll.

The same problem is after start the game, its crashed with the same error
Or in the Replays, its crashed with the same error....dinput8.dll

windows10 is absolutely new installed.
all drivers are up to date.
no problems with other racing games. (iracing/dirt4/raceroom)

DirectX is up to date, dinput8.dll is also okay

No change on "dirt rally2" Files
the game is exactly the version downloaded from steam.



Asus Sabertooth z170 mark1
I7 7700K 
16GB DDR4 2800
Xonar d2X
4X1000GB SSD

Clubsport base EU With BMW Wheel
Leo Bodnar BU0836LC For Pedals
Thrusmaster Hotas Warthog 
Oculus Rift with Touch and Xbox controller

Microsoft X4 Keyboard and X3 Mouse


i need help, i cant play this game !

thanks for reading

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I had the same mouse and the same problem. Changing the mouse, then everything worked fine.


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I have the same mouse, it was crashing very often, more then once every hour of play, unplugging it did help. Now though I am having a different CTD this is the error code.


Access violation at address 0xd004b0f2 in module 'dirtrally2.exe' + 0x38b0f2.

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