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JorritVD’s suggestions for DiRT Rally 2.0

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I like being creative and come with suggestions for DiRT Rally 2.0 and. Maybe it will be more focused on RX as it my preference. Next to that it might be that some suggestions are already mentioned by other users in the forum, but I still post them as I think it might be good ideas. 

In this first post an overview will be an overview of the suggestions with links to the separate posts:

More real 2018 WRX/ERX/ARX liveries

Return RX event structures from DR1 and D4 

Possibility to turn-off/select AI cars in online session

Possibility to turn off collisions in online RX session

Car livery selection pop-out more

Help text in the settings menu

RX track maker (similar to Monster Energy Supercross games)

Classic RX Supercars

Extra DirtFish liveries

Alternative RX track lay-outs and night RX events

More realistic service area for RX teams

Time Trails suggestions (filters and website integration)

Time Trail - Rally cars on RX tracks

Bring back the Marklund Polo!!!

DirtFish Rallycross track 

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Return RX event structures from DR1 and D4

In DiRT Rally 2.0 for Rallycross it is only possible to choose for Single Race and or Full event. The single race is a qualifying round, while the full event is a real format + consolation races (which is a good addition imo).

Though I miss the options for the finals (semi-finals + final) and final only. Those options were available in DR1 and D4, but not in DR2.0. So my suggestion is to make that a return option in custom events online and offline, so we have a bit more options for online and offline.

Next to that I would also suggest to have the option to turn on or off the consolation races. In real life they don’t do this in WRX.

Finally I would also suggest a short event format. It is same as an finals structure, so semi-finals and final, but with the addition of one qualifying round.

In that case the options would be as following to choose from:

  • Single race (timed) = 5 cars next to each other, like in a quali race.
  • Single race (position) = 6 cars, two by two in three rows, like in semi-finals and final
  • Finals = 12 cars, semi-finals and final
  • Short event = 12 cars, quali round + semi-finals + final
  • Full event (with consolation races)
  • Full event (without consolation races)
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Possibility to turn-off/select AI cars in online session

When doing an custom RX event online it is very hard to race against other online players. When you do a single race or full format, there will be always a full field of 20 cars. So minimum 12 AI cars, and up to 18-19 AI cars when there are not many other players.

Having AI cars in an online custom event can be a good idea, if f.e. having a kinda online championship with a mate and you not want other online players ruin that experience. But for a simple online race against others is almost impossible now.

My suggestion would be that there will be an option available to turn off the AI in online sessions, and maybe next to that a possibility to choose the amount of AI in an online session.

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Possibility to turn off collisions in online RX session

As an extra option, to prevent unfair play. The other RX cars will become ghosts. It gives an online RX race also a bit different experience as it would become more a head-to-head race, instead of the physical contact.

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Car livery selection pop-out more

The new menus i like. looks fresh. But when selecting a livery i find it quite small and not can see really well what is the livery about. So my suggestion to pop it out bigger when selecting a livery. Here an example under.



Btw, i used this video to quickly made this example:


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RX track maker (similar to Monster Energy Supercross games)

I have mentioned this before here:

I think an RX track maker would work perfect. It's one of MESX unique selling point and gives a lot longer life to the game. 
Imagine building an finctional (or based on real) RX track at Battersea (DiRT 3) or DiRTfish (DiRT 4) playgrounds or at an abanded airfield


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"Classic" RX Supercars

In Rallycross there are moden Supercars and Group B RX cars. But there is not really something between it. My suggestion to have (as like in F1 games) to add "Historic" Supercars, also previously known as division 1 or division 2 rallycross cars. This can ofcourse be older cars, but also more recent cars (F1 games also have classics from around 2010).

So what cars could be added?


Citroën BX T16 4x4
1993 - Div.2 ERX champion - JL Pailler

Citroën Xantia T16 4x4
1994 - 1995 - 1996 - Div.2 3rd - JL Pailler

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Paillier Citroen Xantia

Citroën ZX T16 4x4
1994 / 1996 - Div.2 ERX champion - Kenneth Hansen


Ford Escort RS2000 T16 4x4
1995 - Div.2 ERX champion - Martin Schanche
1997 - Div.1 ERX champion - Ludvig Hunsbedt


Saab 900 / Saab 9-3 T16 4x4
1998 / Div.1 ERX vice-champion - Per Eklund
1999 / Div.1 ERX champion - Per Eklund
2000 > 3rd / 2001 > 3rd / 2002 > 2nd / 3002 > 2nd



Citroën Xsara (WRC/T16)
2000 - 2001 - 2002 - 2003 - 2004 - 2005 / Div.1 ERX champion - Kenneth Hansen

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Hansen Xsara rallycross

Peugeot 206 (WRC/T16)
2000 - 2nd ERX - JL Pailler
2003 - 3rd ERC - JL Pailler

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor JL Pailler 206 rallycross

Ford Focus MK1 (WRC/T16)
2001 - 2nd ERX - Ludvig Hunsbedt
2002 - 3rd ERX - Pavel Koutný
2004 - 2nd ERX - Michael Jernberg
2005 - 3rd ERX - Sverre Isachsen
2006 - 3rd ERX - Tommy Rustad

image.png.5fdaa894ee0f0d9593b5b8d16267bd4c.pngGerelateerde afbeelding

image.thumb.png.712b9ac4784fcfdace605208d4486e30.pngSverre Isachsen ford focus t16 4*4

Skoda Fabia T16 (MK1)
2006 - 2007 / ERX champion - Lars Larsson

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Lars Larsson skoda fabia

Skoda Fabia T16 (MK2)
Michael Jernberg - 2008 3rd ERX / 2009 2nd ERX

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Jenberg Fabia 2008

Citroën C4 T16
2006 - 2nd ERX - Kenneth Hansen
2007 - 2nd ERX - Kenneth Hansen
2008 - ERX Champion - Kenneth Hansen
2009 - 3rd ERX - Kenneth Hansen
2010 - 2nd ERX - Kenneth Hansen
2010 - 3rd ERX - Liam Doran
2011 - 3rd ERX - Timur Timerzyanov
2011 - X-Games Gold - Liam Doran
2013 - 2nd ERX - Davy Jeanney


Ford Focus T16 (MK2)
2009 - 2010 - 2011 / ERX Champion - Sverre Isachsen

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Sverre Isachsen

Citroën DS3
2012 - 2013 / ERX Champion / Timur Timerzyanov
2014 - 2015 / WRX Champion / Petter Solberg
Other notable drivers: Liam Doran, Andreas Bakkerud, Timmy Hansen, Sebastien Loeb (X-Games Gold) / ....
image.png.3a68cb6227b3d80242e477c248f828aa.pngAfbeeldingsresultaat voor Timur Timerzyanov DS3

Ford Fiesta
2011 - 2014 / Global Rallycross championships (Foust / Heikkinen / Wiman) / X Games medals (Foust / Deegan ...)

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Foust Xgames FordAfbeeldingsresultaat voor Deegan Ford Fiesta OMSE Xgames

Volkswagen Polo
2015 / ERX Champion - Tommy Rustad
2017 / ERX Champion - Anton Marklund
Other notable drivers: Tanner Foust / Topi Heikkinen / Johan Kristoffersson / ....

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Rustad Polo 2015image.png.b95b96ad80b6dc1d1cdca380b309175c.png





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Time Trail - Rally cars on RX tracks

RX cars aren't allowed to be on public rally roads. But it would be nice to have the rally cars available for Time Trail on RX tracks or maybe even community events. Than we can also set fastest times with rally cars on RX tracks. Next to setting fastest times, it gives than also possibility to try set-ups on cars to see how that influence the car on both Tarmac and Gravel.

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Lets bring that Marklund Polo back to DR2.0! I already have one driver interested 🙂


Thomas is one of the top guys in ERX and a former NordicX champion and his Fiesta from 2018 is already in the game.

As @PJTierney said, bringin back the old DR1 locations is also easier with licensing, might this also be the case with the cars? 

Ofcourse the car is not announced as new paid DLC, but could be as free content (like DirtFish), please?

Thomas Bryntesson (2018 Fiesta livery already in game)

Sondre Evjen (technically not a Marklund Polo, but a Kristofferson Polo, but very similar mostly) (His RX2 livery was in DiRT4)

Peter Hedström (if I understand well, he took over the Marklund Polo concept now, so I guess the licensing might be now in his hands?)

Aleš Fučík (also a Kristofferson Polo, but again similar to the Marklund spec)

Then there are more (not full-time) Polo in ERX: Christer Dalmans, Daniel Thorén and Alexander Hvaal

And in WRX there were guest entries.

Kjetil Larsen

Philip Gehrman

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DirtFish Rallycross track 

The DirtFish area is back in DiRT Rally 2.0. It would be cool if the Rallycross track will also be made and added to the game.
The area is there now, so I guess it's far from much work to place some walls/fences, create some AI and add some startlights and stuff. . 


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