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Peformance issues with Dirt Rally 2.0

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Hi Guys,

I tried to ask this question on the Steam forums, but no one could really help, so my last resort is here.


I have a pretty decent gaming rig. 6700K, 2080, 16GB 3000Mhz DDR4, and I'm currently using my PC In a living room setup using a large 4K TV. Now I bought Dirt Rally 2.0 on Steam after enjoying all the previous Dirt games.  When I first started it, everything was looking good, I was getting 80 - 120fps at 1440p Ultra preset, but obviously playing with 100+fps on a 60htz TV looks awful.


So I enabled Vsync like I do in all my games, as soon as I enable Vsync my fps rockets down well below my refresh rate and I get between 50-60fps but it usually hovers around the 58fps mark. If I disable Vsync it shoots back up to over 100fps,

I'm just not sure why the game can't keep a Vsynced 60fps when I get over 100fps without it. Any help would be appreciated.

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Posted (edited)

Interesting. I have no problem playing with 80-110fps on a 60Hz monitor, because it gets you the lowest possible input lag or latency and the best reaction times. Tearing is very minimal. Normal VSync is bad by today's standards, you should try to enable Fast Sync in your NVIDIA Control Panel besides the VSync in the game and see if it works better.

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