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Dirt Rally - progress on online event blocked, not a real connectivity issue although game refers to Racenet connection

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I know that questions concerning Dirt Rally are probably not on top of the priority list, considering that there are many, more prominent issues with respect to Dirt Rally 2.0, which need to be sorted out asap. Thus, I apologize that I have to bother you with my question, as it is not as topical as others.

Before presenting my problem I need to stress that I am very familiar with the so called "regular" Racenet connection problems that became very frequent in the time preceding the launch of Dirt Rally 2.0. The problem that I am currently experiencing is different in its nature, cause every time an event that I am playing crashes due to Racenet connection problem, I am able to bring back the connection by restarting the game. Thus, it is not the case that the server were down, but for some reason Racenet kicks me out at a certain point of an event, for some unexplained reason. Here's my case.

Last week I was playing a league event in Dirt Rally (PC - Steam / WRCGamersClub). The event had altogether 24 stages. After driving the first 12, I saved the game and decided to continue later. When I returned to the game to drive the last remaining stages, I confronted a technical issue, which prevented me from finishing the event. The game allowed me to drive stages from the 'save game point' onwards (stages 13 & 14) until I arrived to the beginning of stage (15), after which the next service/save game point was scheduled. 

This is what happened: I finished stage 14, the scoreboard showed me the results, and when I proceeded forwards, the game began to load the next stage. When the stage was loaded, I hit the "continue" button, after which normally the view goes to the starting line of the stage, where one can see the car approaching the start line (and then the stage begins). In my case, when the view was supposed to change to the stage, instead the screen went black and the game began loading (with the rolling doughnut on the screen with the text "loading"). After approximately 5 seconds the game said that it could not connect to Racenet, and the game returned me to the main menu (Career, leagues, etc.). When I tried to access leagues or online events, the game said that there was no connection to Racenet. I had to shut down the game and restart. When I got back to the game and accessed my league event, the stage times that I had just driven had vanished and I had to start again from the save game point (beginning of stage 13).

I tried several times to get passed this, but every time between stages 14/15 the same issue happened and the game lost connection to Racenet. After every failure I had to restart the game, in order to access Racenet. Connection did not return, if I stayed on the game. I even tried continuing the league event on different days and times, but every single time the same happened. I thought that maybe it was a glitch on my game in this particular event, which didn't allow me to continue the league event and finish it. All the other players in the league event both on PS4 and PC were able to finish the event.

Last night I was trying to play a daily challenge in Dirt Rally (Mk2 Monday - Järvenkylä). I was able to access the page with the stage info, but when I pressed the "start stage" button, instead of moving the view to the start line of the stage, the screen went black and the game began loading followed by the info box that said "could not connect to Racenet" - i.e. the same situation I had earlier with the league event. After shutting down the game and restarting, I went to the challenges section and the game showed that I had already done the Mk2 Monday - Järvenkylä challenge, although I had not driven a single meter, or even attended the starting area.

I have run "file integrity check" on Steam and everything should be in order in this respect.

I wonder, if I could get some help with this problem, as it is very frustrating, especially in long league events, when this happens in the middle of the event. I was asking in the Dirt Rally Facebook groups whether others have confronted a similar problem, but this was new to everyone.

Is there a technical/bug list on Dirt Rally, where I could report this problem, so that maybe Codemasters could look into this (if they have a dedicated technical team for Dirt Rally, cause I assume most of the Codie people are currently working on Dirt Rally 2.0)?

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