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Will I ever be able to play Dirt 3 that I bought a year ago?


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Hey there, a year ago I bought Dirt 3 and I wasn't able to play the game, but I read that you are removing GFWL, so I was pretty happy. After a year there is still GFWL, I really wanted to play this game, so I went into trying to start this game, first time I launched it, it just did nothing, I tried launch 3 times before I realized, this will not work, so I decided to check solutions online, I found solution! You have to download GFWL, so I did it, everything installed without a problem. I was happy! Now I wanted to login with my MS account, when I tried to log in, it didnt let me, so I was looking for solution on The Internet and I found a solution, it said that you can't login with MS account that has 2 factor authorization, so I said to myself "Okay, I will just use offline profile..". I was able to play this game without any problem and I was getting 60 fps in average. After 3 hours of playing I had enough and turned the game off and decided to go sleep. 

Next day I was happy that Dirt 3 works and I can play this awesome game, so I launched the game and was prepared to do some races, sadly I finded out, that offline profile doesn't save any progress and that I have to be logged to GFWL. I was pretty sad but I though "It's nice game, I will create another MS account without 2 factor authorization, login and will be able to play again". I was so wrong. I created account, logged in and GFWL asked me to update it's client otherwise I won't be able to login and save my game, I sadly accepted that and updated my GFWL, restarted the game and logged in without any problem. I was pretty surprised that now I might be able to play a game that I bought, that's really nice, it's pretty unusual to expect to be able to play game that you bought. 

So I happily started Dirt Tour with expectation that I will finally be able to beat this game. 

NO! GWFL decided that 60 fps is way too much, so it changed my graphic settings to use my integrated graphic card, where I was able to get super cinematic powerpointing 2 seconds per frame. I was pretty angry but I said to myself "it's nice game, I will just update my settings and will be able to play this game". I changed settings to use my main GPU. Started Dirt Tour again and saw huge progress! I achieved 20 fps instead of 2 seconds per frame. I was sad but still with a little hope I opened google and searched for "Dirt 3 low fps", read all the forums and finded that updated GFWL is capable of screwing FPS in my game, there were no solutions. I was really really sad. Well, actually there were one solution but that solution is unacceptable, the solution was to pirate the game that I bought. Doesn't that sound just ridicolous?

So, my questions are: Will I ever be able to play game that I bought? Will you ever answer us to question if you are removing GFWL? And by that answer I don't mean "We are working on it", the answer you are giving us whole year. Did you do any progress in removing GFWL? Did you even started with removing it? 

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas. 

Mira K.
Sad customer

also additional info:
I use Windows 8.1 with latest updates.
I have latest drivers for my HW.
My HW is Acer Aspire V3, i5-4200M | GT 750M | 8GB RAM | 17" Full HD 
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It has been so long ago that some community manager said that it would be removed, but yet isnt as of yet, so personally no, i dont think it'll ever be removed.

I'm also no programmer, but i seriously doubt that the GFWL removel would take so freaking long to accomplish.
Wouldnt suprise me if they just dropped Dirt 3 completely, wich is a damn shame if it is.
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