Hi, i've been playing DR2 for a while but i noticed that there's a graphical bug/glitch and it is very annoying. When in race, a weird "artifact" is showing on all bushes and trees of the game, it looks like a dot grid and it's very distracting. This artifact never dissapears, even if changing game graphical settings. I've tried setting to any preset possible (low, medium, ultra...) but it is still there. Changing antialias (off, cmaa, msaa x2/x4/x8, taa) doesn't seem to affect this glitch and is showing in all the modes. Changing "advanced blending" from off to on didn't seem to remove the glitch neither... I've been doing tests trying to disable this annoying bug for hours but nothing worked. Here are some things i've tried from now: - Uninstalling my GPU driver, installing the lastest version available on NVIDIA website (whose last driver says it's optimized for DR2). Nothing. - Changing the nvidia control panel 3D settings i.e. antialias or buffering. Nothing. - Trying any possible graphical configuration combination in the game, changing resolution, aa, monitor frequency, windowed/borderless/fscreen. Nothing. - Removing the game folder from my documents. Nothing.   I've been testing the game with my main computer (FX 8300 stock, 8 GB 1600Mhz, GTX 750Ti stock, W7SP1x64). The deal is that i've also tried with my laptop (i3-7100, GTX 940MX) and the bug is also present. At last i tried with another computer (64 X2 5200+, HD 7570) and yes, in that one the glitch is also present. Moreover, this is not the first time i've experienced this. Back in 2015 when i had an HD 5450 (another different computer), DiRT 3 had the exact same glitch on the trees. This glitch is also known to happen to DiRT Rally 1.0 users, you can see in steam forums there are many people who couldn't find a solution unfortunately. Please codemasters, you need to solve this issue, it has been present for +5 years on the EGO engine. I enjoy a lot both D3, DR1 and DR2 but i hate annoying glitches and they are a dealbreaker for me... One last thing: DR1 and D3 looks and works perfectly in both my laptop and desktop computer, i mean, the glitch is not present. Even trying to force it by changing settings to lowest and disabling AA the glitch doesn't show on both games for my HW configuration.   Here are some screnshots of the problem in question. Make sure to zoom on them to see the glitch properly: https://postimg.cc/5HRvFQ4v https://postimg.cc/kD6rS0ct   If any of you is experiencing this bug please let us know below. If you think there is a solution for this please let us know it too, however i feel hopeless on this because it wasn't solved for some users on DR1 even at this date (or at least i'm not aware of).  Thanks for your patience in reading this post. Regards.