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Autosport and steam Region Lock

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I hope there is no region locked online Multiplayer for the PC. 
anyone know anything about that? 
Purpose of multiplayer is gather the higher number of people inside an online experience.
Not to split them all by region locked settings and DLC crappy matching.
This last two no-sense are enough to kill the game online in a short time (3-4months).
As happen to grid2, almost desert after 5months.

please solve that.
is very annoying problem in the game(at least if confirmed).
Set Steam download region to a foreign country in order to find online matches is a very obtuse and impractical workaround. 

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Crazy.  A lot of people won't even know about the workaround either.  How long has this been going on?.  Must admit the last time I spent any serious amount of time online was Dirt 2.  Plenty of numbers for that at the time (or enough anyway), but I think that used GFWL.


any word?
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Loore said:
I'm talking with the team about it, will let you know when I have a definitive answer.
I sure hope there no region locked. With Steam set to Seattle download, was only a few hosts to fine online and tough to get a full house in the playlists. Until I learn to change region to London.

Which get me to race with mostly Euro guys and leaving the US guys behind, unless they learn the trick for GRID 2. I want to race with the whole world, like I got to do with GRID 1 and Flatout 1 and 2 online.
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It's common (as I know of it)
I guess it has been made to "avoid" too high pings between drivers in the same room.

However (dear Codemasters), it's not the biggest problem.
In our league with many european drivers, we got people from Canada joining that shows red in lobby but got no lag whatsoever.
In contrast to that, we see drivers showing green in lobby that lag heavily.

A rethink about the lobbies would be good news B-)
Edit: I thought u ment Codemasters' games in common.. ;)
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mmmm this silence not sound so good :)

between a solid and longlive online and a short crazy paper flame there are few points.

-1) is avoid dead times and waiting into the lobby to stare at windows nicks popup...
someone said that can be solved with text chat and spectator mode.

-2)Gather the max number of people inside the main public lobby, nobody after 2 months would like to play an empty rooms game or waiting for minutes to see player coming..
someone said is better avoid to split people, so nothing region split, nothing region lock steam...

after this 2 rules will work the gameplay only... (if the game is funny to play or not)

not to be insistent, everyone here have a copy of grid2 on steam and everyone can check how much people are playing...
before autosport announcement this number was most of the 24h times near to 0 (zero, o, null).
Honestly, i would like to know if this autosport born with hope (so soon as possible the 1.0patch that introduce chat and spectator) and without region wall to workaround by edit my download region to london or something like that.

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With regards to region locking, there may be a glimmer of light in that I found somewhere doing a pre-order on the Steam (digital download) version, and was told via their live chat that the key is 'Global', in other words region free.  Whether this automatically means we get to see 'Global' online servers in MP,  I don't know.
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With regards to region locking, there may be a glimmer of light in that I found somewhere doing a pre-order on the Steam (digital download) version, and was told via their live chat that the key is 'Global', in other words region free.  Whether this automatically means we get to see 'Global' online servers in MP,  I don't know.
if confirmed would be another step forward to help online gameplay, lets hope good :)
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If that was not the case, we would have had the answer in a heartbeat.
Everything is now set up in stone, let's enjoy London me old geeza.

Basically, you get Grid 2 with proper (or expected) physics for twice the price....
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I think a ping indication of all servers would be better.
When I remember Grid 1, I remember racing the world with not that many issues with lag even across the atlantic.....
If it's an issue today, then one may wonder why? Falling leaves out of sync? squirrel crossing the street being run over twice?
Lag happened, don't get me wrong, and lag will happen anyway as everybody will be set to London....
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zRad1c4L said:
Well I rather play a game with someone somewhat laggy than not play at all.....
Well, I would understand such thing If caming from users that live in countries where the game haven't sold well. Even then, I'd still say that's their problem, as I don't have the need to stand playing with a 400 ping player that lives in the other side of the world just because he can't find anyone in his region.

I won't even comment on the more than probable fact that the lagger has s*** internet, DSL instead of fiber, doesn't even know how to properly set his internet (funny thing this happens 90% of the times) etc, not just the distances.

Region lock please CM. Keep it clean
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While I was playing normal in U.S. servers in GRiD 2 for about 4 months it really became difficult after and had to switch often to London, I didn't find lag much of a problem though, yeah sure every once in a while some guy warping around but not to the point where every race was like that.

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if codies care to a longlife online multiplayer is better edit this no-sense region setup.
Workaround to London in not the answer, big part of people ignore that and will not edit anything.
This mean that game will be desert soon by lack of online players.
Gaming industry today care about split everything to raise money sales.
So the grid1 sequel will become:
-10 DLC
-Grid2+all DLC 
-Grid2 with part of the sh1t fixed (Autosport)
-Autosport extended with no region limitations or better a brand new game sold for full price.

Everything based on single old gen engine. (i would understand a new generation game for that timing and price)

This is today the only way to sale something. like cod every year or battlefield.

I not make any preorder, i will wait untill the game release and a good amount of opinion here. Then i will still wait the right offer.
There is not hurry, specially if this game will be another paper flame like grid2. (online speaking).
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Sorry guys, missed this while I was out of the office last week.

I did speak to the team and the way it works is that the system is in place to ensure that vast majority of drivers are placed with racers of similar ping, as a result you shouldn't experience any situations where lag becomes the determining factor of a race.

The last thing we want is a lobby full of people with mis-matched internet connections otherwise it would create total chaos and I'm sure instead of threads like this we'd have "Fix the lag Codemasters!" or similar.

However! We are going to be monitoring the situation, we appreciate you're concerned about this after it becoming a factor for GRID 2 but this is GRID Autosport, they are two completely different games and a direct comparison isn't probably the best thing right now. We'll be watching the situation and if we need to act we'll look at our options, we've got a few ideas kicking around from the team already but right now, let's just see what happens once the game is in your hands.

Under no circumstances are you 'locked' out from playing with others, if you've got a racing buddy the other side of the world you can still invite them into a lobby, there's no problem there.
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