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BRL North America

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BRL NORTH AMERICA is halfway through season 1, We will be doing a short sprint season after the main season. Which will have a 2 week break followed by season 2 which will start in f1 2019 


League setup:

Short Qualifying followed by a 50% race at a selected track. These races take place at 11:00 pm EST Time - Upon signup for season 2, There will be two tiers. Drivers will be placed in these Tiers VIA Time trial efforts and assists used upon sign up.  


Prize Pool: 

For Season 2. There will be prizes given too the top 3 drivers. First place will be $50 , Second Place $25 and third place will be $15. ( Amounts will be USD) 

League assists:

BRL Season 1 did allow the use of assists , There is still room for this league if you wish too join mid season , or be a part of our upcoming test season. BRL Season 2, Tier 1 will be a NO Assists Tier ( Racing line may be on )  And Tier 2 will allow the use of assists


Our Partners & Social Media:

BRL Currently does not have any partnerships on board, But we do have a twitch / Twitter / Youtube that will be posted on regularly. Twitch will be streamed every friday at 11:00PM Est for the F1 Race, Moving on into season 2, BRL will have the Tier 2 Race happen Friday 9:00 PM EST, And Tier 1 will be at 11:00 PM EST.    Here are the links too our social media :    Twitter : twitter.com/blessedracingf1 , Twitch : twitch.tv/brlesport   , Youtube : Youtube.com/BRLEsports 


Our website:

Currently at the moment, BRL Does not have a website as we are an up and coming league, We are taking things one step at a time and building a community of drivers who love too race in our league and ensure they have a good time and keep coming back for some good racing! 

Any questions?

If you have any questions let me know, you can do either of the following:

- Reply to this thread with your question

- Message me on twitter, my twitter Handle is @BRLskepii

- Message me on Xbox, my xbox gamertag is S K E P I I ( The I  I is lowercase L ) 


Thank you for taking time to read this thread 🙂 


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