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As almost you all know the rating system is a real mess, you can go and races cleanly 10 duels and the system won’t do nothing to improve the score, but then someone takes you out in the first corner (AI or player) and the system gives you 3 points, what!?

Other thing, when someone touches you from behind or the side (again, AI or player) the game penalizes you, it’s really frustrating, better remove it entirely or start a new system from stratch.

Another thing that I would like to talk about is the AI, in duels it is overpowered and aggressive, you go 2 or three seconds ahead on a straight and it will catch you no matter what, and in tight corners it will dive like you are not there and when they touch you the game penalizes you, I’m ok with the AI being aggressive, it brings fun to the races but please make it smarter too.

The DRS, particularly in Sochi and Singapore is broken, when you open it the car just won’t turn, it just goes straight like a rocket, very frustrating.

I know you’re trying you’re best but please take a look at it.

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Hey there! I’ve moved this to the F1 Mobile Racing section so that it’s in the right place.

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